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Zena Amundsen, Certified Financial Planner | Adding Heart to Business + Money

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Zena Amundsen is leading a revolution from the heart that supports women on their path to financial power and freedom.

“Something happens when a woman becomes financially responsible.  She becomes powerful.  She has the means to effect change, to really make a difference, in areas of life that matter to her most.  And when an economically independent woman joins with other smart women, they wield tremendous social, economic and political clout.  Together, women can become the driving force that will actually transform the world and ultimately heal the planet.”

Barbara Stanny, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming:  How Women Get Smart about Money

Zena is an Author, Speaker and Certified Financial Planner trying to change the financial world by adding heart to business and money.  She is the Founder of Astra Financial Services, Women Wine and Wealth Regina. 

Zena inspires women to take control of their finances by nurturing a connection to money.  Understanding family money values has been a part of her own journey to financial freedom, and she now uses her education and her passion to educate individuals on financial topics.

Zena's unique differentiators are:

  • Zena is driven by personal relationships. The well-being of people in our life and business is the most important thing. It means doing the right thing for the right reason.
  • She truly 'loves' each person that she works with.  She is trusted with the most sacred of one's life - their money.  It represents dreams, goals, history and has a story.  Zena has to come from a place of love and connection to earn the respect to manage that part of a person's life.
  • Quality vs Quantity.  This all happens by including heart into all areas of our life.



Financial freedom is the cornerstone of female empowerment, one that has not yet been fully realized.
Do you know why money is important to you?
Are you 100% confident and secure in your financial decisions?
You can find Zena's book, The Heart of Your Money here.
Contact Zena for presentations and speaking opportunities.  Let's inspire women to awaken their financial power.
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“When I first met Zena at one of our financial meetings, I knew immediately, she was a very caring person.

She listened intently to our questions and answered them in terms we could understand.  When my husband passed away, she was able to get all our investments changed over to my name very quickly and gave me the confidence to be able to deal with all my finances and commitments.  She helped me get the insurance claims done and gave me advice on the work needed with an estate, even recommending a lawyer and an accountant."
D. A., Regina, SK

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