PowHERhouse Media and Canwest Productions join forces to build strong Canadian women who lead

PowHERhouse Media Group is pleased to announce our new strategic collaborative partnership with Canwest Productions, a full-service, integrated event management and marketing solutions organization.


PowHERtalks to parachute into the Calgary Woman's Show produced by Canwest Productions, October 21 & 22, 2017.

This year, the Calgary Woman's Show celebrates its 34th year, the longest running Woman's Show in North America. 

With 300+ exhibits, samples & tastings, free swag, celebrity guests, fashion shows, non-stop entertainment  - and now PowHERtalks - it's the weekend destination for Canadian women craving the opportunity to live, learn and lead more powerfully!

PowHERtalks speakers will take the stage at a scheduled time on both days of the show.  Each 9-minute PowHERtalk provides inspiration spanning the spectrum of lifestyle and leadership while continually focusing on what women most need to lead powerful and fulfilling lives.  Audiences - both live and online - resonate deeply  with PowHERtalks because they are real, relevant and relatable.  Real women talking - sharing experiences, lessons learned, and best practices for forward momentum with impact.  The audience experience of PowHERtalks is truly unique, bringing together a dynamic cross-section of impactful women from politicians to bodybuilders, humanitarians to 7-figure income entrepreneurs.

Background:  Between October 2015 and October 2016, PowHERhouse put over 100 women on-stage in our PowHERtalks National Speaker Series.  These women were encouraged to share their story, the impact they are looking to make in the world, and clarify their ASK; what they need to move forward as leaders.

Further details will be released this summer including speakers, topics, and media opportunities.

Learn more about PowHERtalks here.

Watch all PowHERtalks to date on PowHER TV, lifestyle + leadership for Canadian women. 

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About PowHERhouse Media Group 

PowHERhouse is a Women’s Media Organization with a strong focus on social impact utilizing a partner-focused, subscription-based media model.  The mission of PowHERhouse is to redefine the role of Canadian women’s media and the impact it can make.

About Canwest Productions

Created in 2011, Canwest Productions is the largest independent trade show producer in Western Canada.  Producing 20 shows per year, Canwest Productions provides more than 200,000 annual attendees with a trade show experience like no other.  

For more information on Canwest Productions, visit canwestproductions.com.

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