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by PowHERhouse, July 11, 2015



your mission and elevate it to the next level


confidence, courage & creativity – commit like a PowHERhouse


with innovative, inspiring and high-impact women


for precisely what you need to move your mission forward


potential clients, collaborators, investor, media and like-minded friends


up with delicious healthy snacks – powHER it up!


tangible skills with prepatory coaching, webinar or practice session


your mission with the world through our live event and professional video capturing it

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PowHERtalks | ask for impact

PowHERtalks are raw.  Real.  Honest.  PowHERful.

They are not speeches or presentations.  PowHERtalks are women… talking.

Talking about what is important to them, what they’ve learned, and the impact they are looking to make.

Most of all, PowHERtalks is about women ASKING for what they NEED.

“When we ASK publicly, we signal to the Universe that we’re committed and ready to take action.”

View all PowHERtalks videos to date here.

Read our recent article, “Access Begins With Your ASK” for more on this!

What is a PowHERtalk?

PowHERtalks is a national speaker series dedicated to providing a platform for women of impact to share who they are, what they are committed to, ready for and need in a 9-minute format, designed exclusively for women.  These niche events include a networking reception with healthy refreshments, time for guests to enjoy high-caliber connections, and visit various brand partners and booth exhibitors.  To date, we have hosted five signature events, 18 speakers at each and connected them to an audience of thousands, both live and online.  All speakers will received a professionally filmed and edited video of their talk.  We are now accepting applications for 2017.

Our tentative 2017 live events schedule is as follows:

January 25

Vancouver PowHER TV Launch Party – Tickets HERE
March Victoria (PowHERlunch)
April Toronto (PowHERtalks, early April)
May Calgary (PowHERlunch)
June Yellowknife (PowHERtalks signature event)
September Winnipeg (PowHERtalks signature event)

Halifax (PowHERtalks signature event)

October Edmonton (PowHERtalks signature event)
November Okanagan (PowHERtalks signature event)

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Saskatchewan (tbd)

3 options to participate as a PowHERtalker:

  • Apply to speak:  We welcome all lifestyle and/or leadership topics.  At this time we receive an average of 50+ applications per event.
  • Guarantee your spot: For a $1,000 investment, you can reserve your spot on our stage once we have confirmed your message, mission and brand are well aligned with our own.
    • Receive three (3) complimentary tickets to the event for yourself and two (2) guests (value $300).
    • Receive a complimentary listing in our Women We Celebrate directory hosted in our magazine and website for one year (value $299).
  • Join us as a PowHERtalks Speaker Sponsor: For a $2,500 investment, you can join us as a recognized speaker, sponsor and exhibitor:
    • Receive a professionally filmed & edited video of your talk. All 18 PowHERtalkers receive a video.  All videos are hosted on the PowHERtalks TV you tube channel and continually cultivated online (value $2,500).
    • Receive a 2-page follow-up feature in a future issue of PowHERhouse lifestyle + leadership magazine to fully leverage your talk, positioning it alongside some of the most powHERful women in Canada (value $500).
    • Receive an Exhibitor table at the event (value $500).
    • Receive five (5) complimentary tickets to the event for yourself and four (4) guests (value $500).
    • Receive online profiling and positioning leading up to the event (value $500).
    • Brand-building logo recognition as an event sponsor on website and event booklet (value $1,500).

PowHERtalks Speaker Registration - TORONTO

Application to speak at a PowHERtalks session
  • Price: $ 75.00 CAD
    Note: if you are chosen to speak, a $150 speaker's fee will be due. Your 9-minute professionally filmed and edited PowHERtalk has a value of $2500. A limited number of Reserved Speaker and Deluxe Speaker Sponsorship Packages also available, subject to review.
    Find out more about our Women We Celebrate platform here: http://www.powherhouse.com/women-we-celebrate-2017/
  • In one sentence, what is it you want women to know about who you are?
  • What is it all about for you? What is your ‘1 thing' that gets you up every morning, and why do you believe in it so passionately?
  • What does 'fruition' look like, the end result? What is your crazy, big goal?
  • This is where most women choke. And it is the most important component of a PowHERtalk. What specifically do you need at this time (“muscle”) to move your mission forward?
  • We believe the 3 C's are what hold women back most commonly. Which of these do you most need. Please elaborate.
  • We are deeply invested in the process of PowHERtalks. For us, it's not about the event itself, it's about the process. If you are just looking for another 'speaking gig', this might not be for you. We're creating a movement.
  • Have you ever read our L + L magazine? Do you know what we're all about? Integration. We encourage you to flip through our latest issue and ensure your brand is a match for ours. You can find it at powHERhouse.com.
  • Shoot a video no longer than 1 minutes of you - saying whatever you want to say. Make us remember you! Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and post the link here! Name it "(Your Name) wants to speak at PowHERtalks." Videography or quality isn't going to be a judging factor, we just want to see the most genuine you! A video is NOT required but we'd appreciate one!
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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