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Canadian Women Care


PowHERhouse Media Group, in partnership with the charitable organization, Passion to Lead, has launched an extensive social impact project in 2017 called Canadian Women Care.  The project is focused on engaging and celebrating the lives and leadership skills of Indigenous young women, including those who self-identify as young women, ages 15 to 25 across Canada.

“This project is putting the spotlight on young Indigenous women to highlight their stories of overcoming generations of colonialism and genocide through the lens of strength and resiliency.  It is a timely and relevant project to all Canadians coast-to-coast-to-coast.  There is a dominant national narrative that has devalued the lives of Indigenous women and girls for generations.  The stereotype of Indigenous women in this country is that they are alcohol/drug-addicted, unfit mothers, broken, uneducated, etc.  The Canadian Women Care project is promoting a very real alternate narrative of Indigenous women, that they are strong, resilient, educated, impactful, and meaningful members of our collective Canadian society.  

The current Federal Liberal Government has launched an inquiry into the thousands of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls in the nation that will take place over the next few years.  Many tragic and unthinkable stories of how the lives of Indigenous women have been devalued in this country since its inception 150 years ago will come to the surface.  Canadian Women Care will in parallel provide a window into the lives of young Indigenous women that will surely bring inspiration and hope to all Canadians.”  – Chastity Davis, Chair, Ministers Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women, Member, Canadian Women Care

The Canadian Women Care national advisory board is comprised of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women from non-profit organizations, government, and the private sector, working in collaboration to lead this project.  It is the vision of the board that the annual projects are tangible, action-oriented on the front lines, and measurable in impact.  2017/2018 project goals include:

√  Deepen our understanding and tangibly respond to what girls need to THRIVE in an engaging and relevant way;

√  Build community and deepen self-respect by encouraging connection to culture, land & language through the profiling and positioning of positive Aboriginal role models;

√  Inspire and cultivate a sense of belonging & mastery;

√  Encourage an appetite for learning around spiritual & traditional structures;

√  Encourage and facilitate connection with inspiring, relatable role models;

√  Introduce the concept of Accessible Media.

The Canadian Women Care 2017/2018 social impact project will profile 10 strong female Indigenous role models who are willing to share their stories, struggles and passions.

A digital poster/storytelling product launching September 2017 will effectively share a powHERful, NEW narrative for Indigenous young women – including those who self-identify as young young – developing the underlying message of hope, inspiration, and possibility, “If she made it, then I can too!”  

Working with our partnering organizations across Canada, young women will be invited to join the online conversation.  Passion to Lead will facilitate a continuous drip of engaging and inspiring messages, tips & tools, personal leadership information & interaction within the online community that leads to a monthly LIVE conversation with featured role models via Facebook LIVE or webinar.

Utilizing analytics, the density of engagement will be tracked.  Those Canadian communities with the highest density of engagement will be considered for LIVE one-day leadership workshops to be held in conjunction with the project’s online campaign.

At the end of the project, a tangible take-away will be available to each girl who requests it: a 2018 journal/calendar featuring images of the role models and key lessons shared, blank pages for writing, and a list of resources/partners with which girls and young women can continue to connect.  Corporate partners, brand sponsors and funders will be secured to assist with design and production costs.

We are committed to inclusion and are welcoming of any transgender individuals and or those who identify as young women.

To book a media interview, please email

Project inquires can be directed to Co-Chair, Rachelle Dallaire,

Project Partners:

PowHERhouse:  PowHERhouse Media Group is a National Social Impact Media Organization. PowHERhouse mobilizes Canadian women, catalyzing, coordinating and communicating collective action for impact. Founded in 2013, PowHERhouse offers Canadian women an independent alternative media choice. It is our mission to redefine the role of Canadian women’s media and the impact it can make.

Passion to Lead:  Since 2007, the organization has provided innovative leadership education and resources to youth 11- 24 years of age globally in partnership with other organizations. To date, Passion to Lead has provided over 5000 youth in 10 countries with the Elements of SUCCESS leadership course and other leadership and life skills workshops customized for various community groups, schools, and institutions. In addition to leadership workshops in 2012, Passion to Lead set out to create an educational documentary series called Global Sorority.

The Office of the Children’s Advocate is an independent office of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.  They represent the rights, interests, and viewpoints of children and youth throughout Manitoba who are receiving, or should be receiving, services under The Child and Family Services Actand The Adoption Act.  They do this by advocating directly with children and youth; by reviewing public services after the death of any young person who received child welfare services in the year preceding their death; and by promoting public awareness and systemic change through our research and public engagement activities.

The Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is a charitable not-for profit and social enterprise located in Victoria, BC.  The purpose of their work is to strengthen Indigenous communities by creating excellence through training and leadership.

Our Advisory Board

Co-Chair:  Carol Anne Hilton

Co-Chair:  Rachelle Dallaire

Laura Grizzlypaws, Aboriginal Wellness, Culture, Learning & Leadership

Jessica Hill, Relationship & Capacity Building (Ontario)

Chastity Davis, Professional Aboriginal Women’s Network

Carmen Driechel, Community Investment & Aboriginal Relations

Ainsley Krone, Child Advocate Advisor/Government Liason (Winnipeg)

Charlene SanJenko, Project Co-Lead, PR, Partnerships & Media Relations

Loretta Cella, Project Co-Lead, Facilitator & Program Development & Delivery

Dawn Armstrong, Program Development & Delivery

To assist with our launch our project and build its capacity, $50 from each of our Women We Celebrate media partner annual subscriptions sold will be donated directly to Canadian Women Care.  And thanks to a collaboration with Passion to Lead, charitable tax receipts will be provided for each $50 donation.  To learn more about Women We Celebrate, click here.

Reports & Research

Current reports and research the Board is reviewing and discussing through our strategic planning:

On the Edge Between Two Worlds: Community Narratives on the Vulnerability of Marginalized Indigenous Girls

Feather of Hope: A First Nations Youth Action Plan

Project Launch September 2017.

If you would like further information about our Canadian Women Care social impact project as it develops, please do not hesitate to contact us at