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by Charlene SanJenko, January 22, 2011

Publisher.  Producer.  PowHERtalker.  Builder of Strong Women Who Lead.

I am a proud Canadian woman of Indigenous descent.

I am a wife, step-mother, sister, aunt, great-aunt, niece, friend, volunteer, mentor, advocate and champion of powHERful women.

I am a social entrepreneur, a publisher & producer, author, speaker, community leader, economic development enthusiast and second-term Councillor for the Town of Gibsons in BC.

I am a potential, performance and progression strategist passionate to help powHERful women move forward, faster.

At my core, I am a woman who believes that we live, learn and lead from our most powHERful state through a daily practice of powHERful living.  Our highest potential, most potent power and greatest impact are fully realized through clarity, support and access - the key components necessary for women to clearly, confidently and concisely declare publicly what they are committed to and ready for.  

I left my corporate role as National Marketing Manager for an independently owned investment firm and set out to build a House for Canada's most powHERful women.  The journey began 17 years ago,  and the PowHERhouse brand was born mid-2013.

The House - the MediaHouse - is now built and being populated.

I have a vision.  IMAGINE...

  • Imagine the impact of a well-connected and coordinated collective of 10,000+ powerful, like-minded Canadian women - leaders, decision-makers, influencers, innovators and catalysts of change.
  • Imagine the impact as this collective takes on substantial social and economics initiatives with a solutions-focused approach - head on - which may include innovative property development focused on co-ownership and micro-housing for women and girls, crowd-funding marketing, referrals and support, and leadership development of girls and young women, and of course, advocacy work; providing a hand-up rather than a hand-out.
  • Imagine the continued growth of our independent media & production platform for effective online communication complimented with live events and supported by various brand and media partners to provide a voice for the issues Canadian girls and women face in their daily lives, and the positive role models working hard to provide solutions to these issues.
  • I imagine this vision every single day, and with each minute that passes, my vision becomes closer to my reality.

My best work and purest passion lie in the sweet-spot between Lifestyle + Leadership.

On the lifestyle end of the spectrum, I have studied and worked with hundreds of women and networked with thousands through my work as a certified personal trainer and performance coach, owned one gym and one private personal training studio, competed in multiple natural bodybuilding competitions, and published a book called ‘Freeway to Fat Loss’ - a compilation of my thoughts on consistently fueling our bodies for performance and my expose of the diet and weight-loss industry for the scam they truly are.

On the leadership side of the spectrum, as a publisher, producer and community leader, I have volunteered on numerous boards and organizational committees, completed a ‘Women Leading the Way’ leadership program for women, completed an SFU economic development certificate, successfully won two municipal elections in my community, launched a professional women’s network and a Women of Excellence recognition program, re-branded my company, built a successful website, launched a digital magazine, produced the pilot season of a national television series, and produced numerous women’s events.

Most importantly, what I have learned through my own personal experience as well as the from the women whom I have interacted with is that our greatest strength and ultimate powHER is the result of a fully integrated approach that marries lifestyle management and leadership development.

I Build Strong Women Who Lead.

Work with me.  Clarity Conversations for progressive performance.

Speaker's Profile:  2018 Speakers Kit for Charlene SanJenko

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