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Preparation for your next opportunity...

Clarity, confidence + progressive action for traction.

Women WE Celebrate is a national leader development and visibility program designed to provide emerging leaders with a proven system and framework to elevate their personal brand, increase visibility, and prepare them for their next opportunity with refined clarity and focus.  Progressive action for traction.

Since October 2013, PowHERhouse has strategically moved hundreds of women forward - faster - using this program to yield tangible results and optimized impact.

Women WE Celebrate in action

Meet Liza Rogers.

... There's a lot of buzz about what women in leadership are capable of, and the PowHERhouse team is helping me to grow as a leader to reach many more people who will be involved in my business as future clients, investors, community partners, sponsors and so much more.  

I am beyond grateful for the relationship I have and the support across multiple platforms that I am receiving ...


Since 2000, we have worked closely with hundreds of high-performing women and observed, coached, interviewed, mentored and networked with thousands.  Throughout this process, we continually asked the question, "What do Canadian women need to move forward - faster - as strong leaders with influence and impact in business, community and life?"
  • In order to understand how to propel women forward, we must understand what has held them back.
  • To move women forward - faster - it is important to gain wisdom from those who have walked before us, providing relevant best practices, personal excellence habits, and proven leadership strategies.
  • To yield the greatest impact, we must ensure the conversation moves forward rather than spinning in-place.  Consistent, coordinated effort with a focus on progressive action for traction.
  • We created a simple success system and framework to move women from A to B, a tangible tool called THE POWHERHOUSE PLAYBOOK.  It works powHERfully!

Program Details

Women WE Celebrate is a 6-module blended learning opportunity that progressively moves a woman forward with refined clarity, focus and strategic action.  Brand-building and visibility benefits follow the program for one full year.

This innovative and customized leader development program has been developed with the fullest of schedules in mind. It can be experienced in a combination of ways that best-suit your needs, priorities and availability:


MODULE 1 + 2

I am ready to find clarity around who I am as a leader, what this is all about for me, and the epic potential of my work in the world.


MODULE 3 & 4

I am ready focus on the priorities needed to access the opportunities and connections to move forward, building my brand and visibility as a leader.


MODULE 5 + 6

I am ready to create a gameplan, key messages + momentum, consistent progressive action for action.

WWC Learning Path

Women WE Celebrate Benefits:

Once you complete the program, your visibility campaign begins!  Here's what you'll enjoy for one full year from the start date of your program:

  • Online profile - current-time snapshot of who you are as a leader, what you are up to and what to be known for
  • Magazine directory - profiled and positioned alongside other incredible Canadian leaders for positive brand-building
  • Women WE Celebrate event pricing, special offers, referrals and invitations
  • Women WE Celebrate private FB Group - sounding board, accountability, connection
  • Program participants will be invited to return to WWC for a 'Refresher' Program after one year at a special alumni price

Our PowHERhouse reach:

  • An engaged community of 3,000+ women
  • 5,000+ readers per issue
  • Facebook 2,972+ likes
  • Twitter 2,909 followers, estimated reach 20,000 accounts and close to 60,000 impressions per tweet
  • Linked in 3,031 connections
  • Instagram 1,271 followers
  • You Tube 68.7K views
  • 2019/2020 LIVE Events, we project 50,000+ potential interactions with women both online and at trade shows, events, conferences and speaking engagements over the next year.

Distribution and Viewership of PowHER TV:  Our pilot season of PowHER TV was distributed across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Calgary and Edmonton, airing of 20+x weekly with a viewership exceeding 700,000 viewers and a potential online audience of 22,000+ followers.  We look forward to the future development and production of EPIC TV in 2018, Exceptional PowHERhouses in Canada!

Welcome to our House.  

Because every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.

If you are ready to build your VOICE + VISIBILITY as a Canadian woman who leads, please let us know.

Christina Benty

Retired Politician, Jazz Singer & Personal Leadership Specialist

Real women inspiring other women to be strong, luminous and resilient creatures they are.

“That is what being part of PowHERhouse is all about.  It is creating a community… a network… a “tour de force” that reminds each one of us that together, we have the power to lead our lives with courage, grace, and positive energy.”  

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Julia McElgunn

Geologist + Sustainability Advocate

I knew there was something special about Charlene and PowHERhouse from the start! I am beyond grateful to Char for her vision of PowHERhouse, and to myself for listening to my instinct to be a part of it.

"... I am extremely honoured to have met and be surrounded by some of Canada’s most ambitious and inspirational thought leaders through PowHERhouse.  These women push me further and farther than I thought possible.  The concepts and ideas that were in my mind for so long now have connections, networks and are possible."

McElgunn Julia-033 square

Kelly Beattie

Principal/Engagement Consultant of Beyond Connections Consulting

My partnership with PowHERhouse has really pushed me to take a deep dive into my own goals, both personally and professionally. It has driven me to think outside the box, to grow past my comfort zone and get comfortable with media.

I first partnered with PowHERhouse as a participant in the SPEAK! Canada program. Shortly afterward, I was featured as one of the PH Women We Celebrate! Now as a PowHERhouse Ambassador, I am expanding my network, growing my visibility, and moving Beyond Connections Consulting forward. In the past six months, I’ve conducted workshops, been a featured speaker on the local and national levels, as well as graduated from the ILR School at Cornell University.

Kelly facilitating - lego

Tina Overbury

Core Story Specialist

We know that it takes a village to raise a child, but we often neglect to remember that it takes community to grow a leader.

“I’ve been preparing to share TinaOLife with the world for a good year now and the truth is, it’s been brewing for the last three to five.  When I stumbled into the PowHERhouse community and speaker series, it was as if someone switched on the spotlight and said “Yes Tina, yes you can!” and because they said so, I did.  That’s PowHERhouse women.  That’s Charlene SanJenko.  At the very core of what powHERhouse is, lays a lioness, a symbol of your greatness, a mother of our tribe, and she’s just waiting for you to claim the powHER she knows is inside you.  Thank you Charlene.  You’ve created a safe place for women to roar.” 

Tina Overbury

Business Strategist

PowHERhouse has been a catalyst for many tangible and intangible yet priceless opportunities for creating real momentum in my world!

“My involvement in becoming a PowHERhouse WWC and speaking at the PowHERtalks has been an incredible experience both professionally and personally.  I have expanded my network and directly connected with over a 100 dynamic and powHERful women.  It has opened up new client engagements, new speaking and writing opportunities and some amazing new friendships!”  

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