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by Wendi Rottluff, March 1, 2017

Women WE Celebrate | PowHERhouse

You're up to EPIC sh*t?

Us too!

Let's do EPIC2, together.

Too many women are performing below their potential.

We’re in the business of changing that. 

Women WE Celebrate is an inclusive media collective of women who are ready for more.

High-caliber, high-performing, high-functioning, purpose-driven women, whole-heartedly committed to creating EPIC sh*t in the world.  Leaders, not lone wolves.

Ready to stop playing small? 

Craving a powHERful posse whose got your back? 

Our crew is on fire!  Physicians, politicians, financial gurus, health & wellness experts, change agents, education advocates, artists, golf pros, entrepreneurs…

PowHERhouse is co-invested in and run on behalf of the women we represent, the Women WE Celebrate!
By women, for women, about women!  YOU are part of the solution, the collective solution!

Our collective is the power, the power is the collective. 

Ready to join us?

Dig deep to fully harness your power as a woman up to EPIC sh*t in the world by leveraging the power of a collective to move forward, faster.   

The Partner Path - NEW June 2017

NEED MORE INFO? Download our Info Kit:

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PowHERhouse Media Group’s reach includes:

  • An engaged community of 2,500+ women
  • 5,000+ readers per issue
  • Facebook 2,753+ likes
  • Twitter 2,805 followers
  • Linked in 2,386 connections
  • You Tube 50,250 views
  • As of this Fall 2017, PowHERhouse will be regularly featured in IMPACT Magazine, a national magazine with our Lifestyle + Leadership segment; print distribution of 540,000 copies annually as well as 10,000 digital subscribers.
  • 2017/2018 Trade Show schedule currently being finalized:  Calgary, Toronto and Victoria confirmed.  We project 70,000+ potential LIVE connections with women at trade shows over the next year.


Connect with us to learn more about becoming a Woman We Celebrate partner and receive: Top 3 Excellence Habits of 21 Highly Impactful Canadian Women.

Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Media Group, has worked intimately with thousands of women over the past 17 years to understand what they need to fully integrate excellence and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

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