In our Spring 2017 issue of PowHERhouse lifestyle + leadership magazine, Dr. Seema Kanwal told us about an epidemic underway that is affecting women’s energy, mood, sex drive, and ambition:  our iron deficiency epidemic.

Iron is a huge issue for a lot of women, not only due to menstruation, but also due to the lack of nutrients in our food, medication interactions, and absorption issues.

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Please enjoy our follow-up video interview with Dr. Seema as we dig a little deeper into this epidemic:

  • Why are women currently experiencing this epidemic, and how widespread is it?  
  • What are the top causes of iron deficiency?  Why is it happening?
  • How do we recognize the symptoms of iron deficiency?  What should we watch for?
  • What are the best ways to steer-clear of iron deficiency?
  • If we do become iron deficient, what does that look like?  How do we effectively manage it, and how long does it take to overcome it?
  • How do foods labelled as ‘fortified with iron‘ compare with foods where iron is found naturally?
  • What are some of your favourite iron-rich foods that you feel women could most easily implement into their meals and healthy snacks?
  • Do you have an iron rich meal plan or do you work with clients on a customized basis?  Where would a simple starting point be for women looking to create one that is doable (sustainable and budget-conscious).

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