3 Accelerators to Blast You Forward PowHERfully in 2017 – full article

How to breakdown your New Year’s ambitions into solid accelerators and actions for success!

I say bring back the C-words!  Clarity! Commitment! Consistency!

Over the past 16 years I’ve been up close and personal with thousands of powHERful women, observing some skyrocketing to achieving their self-proclaimed definition of success and fulfillment, while watching others spinning and merely talking of realized success. The difference between these two sets of women is their strategy of truly activating the three C-words.

I’m a huge fan of entrepreneur author, Tim Ferriss, especially his podcasts, and I’ve gained great pleasure and insight from dissecting what makes exceptional humans tick. I want to know what it is that makes PowHERful women thrive and what are their common practices for success? [Note: I’ve just purchased Tim’s new book TOOLS OF TITANS, as a Christmas break read.  What are you reading over Christmas break?]  From professional female bodybuilders to influential politicians, from women who are initiating significant social impact projects, to women who are creating world-renowned art, the question begs to be asked:  What do exceptional women have in common?

Time and energy top our most valuable commodities list.  None of us can afford to waste either one of them. We crave that fail-proof system to support our New Year’s goals right from the get-go. We’re looking for that tried-and-true master plan that provides the greatest likelihood of our success.  And that framework needs to be simple, relevant and wholeheartedly praised by women who live by it. Okay, we hear you! Ready?  Three exceptional PowHERhoue women detail how they activate their success strategy.

Welcome, Women We Celebrate:  Christina Benty, Cristina Mittermeier and Desiree Ellis.

The greater clarity you have around your goals for 2017, the better chance you’ll have of achieving them.  

The greatest of visionaries begin by spending ample time getting clear about their intention before setting out. They’re open to refinements and adjustments along the way, but they know exactly where they want to go and what it will look like when they get there. They’re explicit with their desired outcome.

Christina Benty, MA is a former municipal mayor. After twelve years she retired from local government and has served for over 16 years on numerous policy governance boards spanning from health care, information technology, and community planning.  Her current business, Strategic Leadership Solutions, assists teams in building a culture of excellence.

“It is the sculptor’s power, so often alluded to, of finding the perfect form and features of a goddess, in the shapeless block of marble; and his ability to chip off all extraneous matter, and let the divine excellence stand forth for itself. Thus, in every incident of business, in every accident of life, the poet sees something divine, and carefully scales off all that encumbers that divinity, and permits it to be revealed in all its transcendent loveliness.”   – The Methodist Quarterly Review, 1858

What are you committed to?  I mean REALLY (!) committed to?

Women talk in circles around what they ‘want‘, the goals they’d ‘like to have‘, and what they ‘hope‘ will happen in their lives.  I’m done with it.

The conversation needs to change. To make “it” happen, we need to hit the pause button and get really clear (there’s that word again) on what we’re ready to take action on.

So ask yourself honestly:  What are YOU ready for in 2017?  Write down your answer.

For example, let’s say you have written down “Kick off my book tour.”  If so, do you have a childcare plan set-up for your kids?  Are you willing to dive into your line-of-credit if needed?  Are you prepared to spend numerous nights away from home catching red-eye flights and doing what it takes to secure this tour completes successfully?  Make sure your goal is locked in and fully charged.  Demonstrate to the Universe that you ARE ready.  It’s time to fully commit.

Cristina Mittermeier is a world-renowned photographer, writer and conservationist and uses her camera to document the intersection of wild nature and humans.

It’s what you do on a day-in, day out basis that will either move you closer to your goal, or further away.

At PowHERhouse, we talk a lot about the Daily Practice of PowHERful Living.  And it is a Practice.  Here’s why it is likely the most important practice you’ll ever master.

“Personal power is all about having the confidence to act based on one’s own beliefs, attitudes and values, and having that sense that one’s actions will be effective… We can’t control the outcome, because we can’t control the many other variables that determine it, like what other people will do.  But we can be sure we have presented our boldest, most sincere selves in the process.  When we do this, we are more compelling, even influential, and able to produce our desired outcome.  Personal power allows us to shed the fears and inhibitions (read:  STOP PLAYING SMALL) that prevent us from fully connecting with ourselves – with our beliefs, feelings and skills.”*

What does consistency look like on a daily basis?  How do we best set ourselves up for success for the long-term, so our Practice is indeed a ‘steadfast’ part of who we are and how we live?

Desiree Ellis knows a thing or two about consistency.  As a former IFBB professional bodybuilder, Desiree spent over 20 years carefully assuring her daily practice matched her competitive goals.  This same mindset and dedication to excellence has been transferred to her new profession as a make-up artist, where Desiree’s attention to detail and eye for natural beauty “ensures every person who leaves her chair feels completely satisfied, and knows that their natural beauty is shining — both inside and out.”

Galvanizing your power to lead begins with Clarity, Commitment and Consistency.  If YOU are ready, PowHERhouse is here to support you, whether you choose to lead in business, sport, the arts or community service.  You do not need to go at it alone.  It starts with you honing your personal power and it gains collective strength, action and impact through the support of others on a similar path.

Find out more about Women We Celebrate, and take the next step to becoming that strong, leading woman you know you are meant to be.

*Joe Magee, a Professor at New York University and an expert on power.  Reference:  Presence, by Amy Cuddy.

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