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PowHERtools: Microblading Time and energy are a powHERful woman’s most precious resources.

PowHERhouse recognizes this and seeks to provide the powHERful women in our lives tips & tools, strategies & solutions, implementable ideas & best practices that make your life easier.  Please meet Melanie Camille Walsh, esthetician & owner of The Sandalwood Spa.

Why Microblading?

Melanie was fascinated by the idea of microblading and decided to go get the treatment done for herself.  “I was a great candidate as I had over-plucked my brows  as a teenager and they never grew back, which is very common for women.  I was the one with my brow pencil out every day and was so impressed with how natural my microblading looked compared to the pencil I was using on my brows.  I have waxed and tinted eyebrows for my clients for over 13 years and always wished there was a treatment that I could offer that could add realistic, natural-looking hair back to their brows to perfect their shape.  Microblading is the answer!  I became fully certified in microblading and now it has become my most popular service at the Sandalwood Spa.

What is Microblading?

  • Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo [is it natural? what is the cosmetic component made up of?] that mimics the look of real hair.  With microblading we are able to apply realistic hair-like strokes to your brow area to achieve perfect looking brows.  The results are very natural looking and difficult to tell what is the microbladed ‘hair’ and what is actual hair.
  • Microblading is suitable for almost anyone that want more even and symmetrical brows.  Melanie has personally tattooed many women ranging from cancer patients who completely lost all their brow hair to women who have overplucked to women with full brows who want to perfect their shape by adding more of an arch.
  • Microblading is a spa treatment is completely tailored to the individual and their preferences as far as shape, size, and colour.

The process

  • PowHERtools: Microblading The initial appointment takes approximately 2 hours to complete.  The first and most important step is measuring and mapping out exactly where your brows should be.  This is done with a brow pencil first to show you exactly what the shape would be like so you have a great visual.  Brow mapping is the most meticulous part to ensure your new brows are well-placed, taking into consideration your brow bone structure and facial features as well as colouring and the shape of your face.  Eyebrows are not a one size fits all.  They are completely customizable and tailored to each new client.  The colour is chosen to match your existing brow hair to blend the new hair strokes with the existing hair strokes making the microblading undetectable.
  • Next numbing cream is applied and an opportunity for 40 minutes of relaxation while the cream takes action followed by the actual microblading procedure. One frequently asked question that Melanie receives is “Does it hurt?” Clients are surprised about how relatively painless the procedure is.  Once it is complete, each client is sent home with healing ointment which is applied to the brows for the following five days.  Healing is quick with very minor swelling and flaking occurring for a few days during the healing process.  Once healed, brows are completely waterproof, smudge-proof and will last up to two years.
  • A touch-up appointment is booked for 6- 8 weeks to check-in and see how your brows have healed.  It generally takes two sessions to get the full effect, and there are a number of factors that affect how well you retain pigment.  For example, oily skin doesn’t hold onto ink as well as dry skin; if you’re anemic, your body may use iron oxide in the pigment as a supplement, and the tattoos will fade faster.  On your second appointment, original strokes may be repeated to darken them, tweak the shape, or build up sparse brows by layering thinner strokes in between.

The result

Definitely a PowHERtool!  Perfect for on-the-go women of all ages who do not want to not fuss with eyebrow pencils and products in the morning or who have an active lifestyle and want eyebrows that do not sweat off or smudge.  

“It is amazing what brows do overall for a women’s appearance. I often have women coming in a little embarrassed of their brows and when they have the microblading done they walk out with their head held higher with a new found confidence in their appearance.  Eyebrows really do frame your face and perfectly microbladed brows can give you the brows you have always wanted.”

About Melanie.

Melanie Camille Walsh is an Esthetician with over 13 years experience in the beauty industry and owner of The Sandalwood Spa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, British Columbia.  She enjoys living in this seaside town with her 3-year-old son and husband – it’s a very special community and though she wasn’t born there, it certainly feels like home.

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