Another SOLD OUT PowHERlunch was held in Saskatoon on February 6, 2019

Our theme was THE LEADER PATH.  Moving women leaders forward on the collective path of leadership.

Our keynote speakers represented a diverse cross-section of women leaders in Saskatchewan:

PowHERhouse is deeply committed to significantly increase the number of Canadian women in key leadership positions by 2025.  The World Economic Forum’s latest Gender Gap Report predicted it will take 217 years to close the gender gap at the current rate of progress. 

Read an event review by our academic partners, Edwards Executive Education here.
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PowHERlunch Saskatoon + Leader Development Workshop Feb 6-8, 2019 | Events

“I’ve been to a lot of networking events, but nothing like this one. It was mind blowing ~ truly, the way the women showed up for each other, especially in the POD afterwards. PowHERhouse is an important group for me now; I’ve found my community of women."   -  Tanis

"I am still thinking about it [Regina event] and following up on new connections that I made because of the lunch and reception.  I feel you have created a refreshing approach to this conversation about women in leadership; I especially appreciate the focus and integration on women leaders from all sectors - corporate, entrepreneurship, public sector, politics." - Linda

+McKinsey & Company’s 2018 Women in the Workplace


1. Charlene SanJenko | Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse - I am deeply committed to a significant increase in the number of Canadian women in key leadership positions by 2025.

2. Dennyse Harris | PowHERhouse Events + Experiences Orchestrator, Partner Relations

3. Kari Harvey | COO, Innovation Saskatchewan - PowHERlunch Guest Speaker

4. Christine Hrudka | Chair, Canadian Pharmacists Association - PowHERlunch Guest Speaker

5. Miriam Johnson | Marketing Director, Saskatchewan Roughriders - PowHERlunch Guest Speaker

6. Veronique Loewen | Manager of Communications, ORANO Canada - PowHERlunch Guest Speaker

7. Shawna Enns | Levene Graduate School of Business (MBA Student) - I've just returned from researching entrepreneurship in the Caribbean as a QEScholar. I'm an enthusiast for education, sustainable development and social change.

8. Cate Basic | Strategic Initiatives and Project Officer/University of Saskatchewan - To get ahead of the curve, I do what others won't.

9. Tracy Muggli | Saskatchewan Health Authority

10. Anne Gent | Sr. Environmental Scientist/Cameco [MB table guest]

11. Linda Allen-HardistyChair, The Executive Committee TEC Canada | PowHERlunch Table Champion

Linda is a vibrant voice in the business world by blending her grounding in organizational development with a practical approach to growing successful businesses.

12. Robin Koroluk | Scotia Wealth Management [LAH table guest]

13. Laurie Menzies | Scotia Wealth Management [LAH table guest]

14. DNay Stockbrugger | Scotia Wealth Management [LAH table guest]

15. Jacquie Berg | St Thomas Moore College, University of Saskatchewan [LAH table guest]

16. Carrie Church | Windmill Microlending, National Director Operations [LAH table guest]

17. Kim Bracken | Federated Co-operatives, Leadership Development Manager [LAH table guest]

18. Shauna Wilkinso. Federated Co-operatives, AVP, Talent Management [LAH table guest]

19. Kennedy Pocock |  CIBC Corporate Table

20. Heather Williams |  CIBC Corporate Table

21. Elizabeth Doell |  CIBC Corporate Table

22. Aron McIntyre |  CIBC Corporate Table

23. Nicole Thebeau |  CIBC Corporate Table

24. Treena Ballantyne |  CIBC Corporate Table

25. Bev Matthies-Weins |  CIBC Corporate Table

26. Michelle Rowlette  |  CIBC Corporate Table

27. Marianne Bell | PowHERlunch Table Champion - USask Information Systems Manager Independent John Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Project Management Consultant

Marianne prepares people, process and technology for growth and transformation. She believes dreams are achievable goals that are realized when navigating a strategic and purposeful journey. Marianne is passionate about inspiring people to chase their dreams and helping them believe in their potential to achieve personal, professional or organizational growth and effectiveness.

In addition to enabling the strategic growth of Saskatchewan’s Medical School, Marianne is a certified John Maxwell coach, trainer, speaker and project management professional focused on empowering and equipping the next generation leader with a growth mindset and ideal skill set employers and business demands.

28. Lynn Gow - OCM Specialist [MB table guest]

29. Amanda Soulodre | Saskatoon HOME magazine - Curious and Passionate Magazine Publisher

30. Prabha Mitchell | WESK, CEO

31. Sarah Cameron | City of Saskatoon, Chief Human Resources Officer

32. Zsuzsa Papp | Mitacs, Business Development Director providing talent and funding resources

33. Tiffany Wolf [CC table guest]

34. Janci Templeman [CC table guest]

35. Cierra Giesbrecht [CC table guest]

36. Stephanie Clovechok Vice President & Director of Destination Innovation, Tourism Saskatoon [tbc]

37. Ideas Inc. - name to come [CC table guest]

38. Christina Carlson | Queen City Collective - PowHERlunch Table Champion - further details and guest names to come

39. Laura Lalonde | Supply Chain Systems Analyst, Empowering Women Leaders, Edwards Executive Education

40. Marcy Dmytrow | Team Leader,  Empowering Women Leaders, Edwards Executive Education

41. Maggie SinclairConexus Corporate TableSenior VP, Conexus Business Solutions

42. Terri PetersonArea Manager, Conexus Business Solutions [Conexus table]

43. Aaron NorumSmall Business Advisor, Conexus [Conexus table]

44. Lindsey Berscheid | [Conexus table]

45. Jane ButtonRVP- SmallBusiness, Conexus [Conexus table]

46. Darla LindbjergGreater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO [Conexus table]

47. Peggie KoenigINTELL Executive Search International, President [Conexus table]

48. Kimberly Maber | Brunsdon Junor Johnson Appraisals, Valuation Consultant [Conexus table]

49. Kelly Beattie | Beyond Connections Consulting - PowHERlunch Table Champion + PowHERhouse Women WE Celebrate

Kelly is the Owner and Engagement Consultant at Beyond Connections Consulting. She is a CHANGE AGENT, passionate about transformational improvement. She is an advocate for employee engagement, valuing that greater success and innovation is attained when we empower individuals' whole selves. She inspires others to be passionate about what they do each day, recognizing their untapped potential as leaders both personally and professionally.

50. Kara Johnston |  Alberta Innovates [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

51. Jennifer May |  Saskatchewan Lung Association [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

52. Stephanie McKay |  Remai Modern [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

53. Shelley Adrian-Taylor |  University of Regina [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

54. Candace Odishaw |  The Dufresne Group [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

55. Lana Sculer-Feist | Federated Co-Operatives Limited [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

56. Amanda Perrot | Grounded Goodness [Beyond Connections Consulting table guest]

57. Karen Chovan | Enviro Integration Strategies - PowHERlunch Table Champion

Karen is the Principal of Enviro Integration Strategies, and Shift2Lean Inc., and a Managing Director for Canadian Mining Sustainability. Karen is a strategic, systems thinker and change agent who believes the greatest value can only be derived through common goals, healthy engagement, and collaboration to reduce wasteful practices. With 20 years in the mining sector, Karen engages teams for the purposes of improving project and operational performance by facilitating trust and alignment, thinking differently, and working collaboratively amongst multiple stakeholders.

58. Serena Dallas | Outrageous HappYness, Life Coach & Speaker, Make today ridiculously amazing - you deserve the best! [KC table guest]

59. Toyin Onayemi | Geoscientist EIT [KC table guest]

60. Tamara Bowman | Creative Director & Queen B of Metric Design Centre, Designing the world around you [KC table guest]

61. Donna-Lynn Beneteau | University of Saskatchewan Engineering, Departmental Assistant Mining [KC table guest]

62. Carla Gradin | Powerful People Science  [KC table guest]

63. Lola Paposi | Financial Analyst, Engcomp Stay Curious [KC table guest]

64. Tenille Falconer | Mechanical & Electrical Designer, Engcomp Stay Curious [KC table guest]

65. Jill Salamon | Director of Resources, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

66. Noreen Mahoney | Associate Dean, Students & Degree Programs, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

67. Christina Dolan | Director, Undergraduate & Certificate Programs, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

68. Rae OleksynDevelopment Officer, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

69. Courtney Schroeder | Manager of the MBA & MSc Programs, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

70. Sharon Evans | Executive Assistant to the Dean, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

71. Vicky Parohl | Undergraduate Academic Coordinator & Programs Advisor, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

72. Erica Carleton | Assistant Professor, Edwards School of Business [corporate table]

73. Britney Graf | Media Professional, Marketing professional looking to connect with like-minded individuals

74. Lacey Crocker | LB Distillers, Chief Operating Officer, Turning ideas into action [MB table guest]

75. Samantha Rumberger Account Coordinator, Harris Greenaway Communications, Corporate Table

76. Jolene Bates-Chomyn Associate Client Executive, Marsh Canada Limited [HG table guest]

77. Kari Derkachenko Senior Investment Advisor, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth [HG table guest]

78. Terri HarrisPartner and VP of Harris Greenaway Communications [HG table]

79. Anna Burton | Remai Modern [HG table]

80. Lindsay Brumwell Government Relations Manager, Federated Co-operatives Limited [HG table guest]

81. Brianna Dellezay | President, Saskatchewan Association for Applied Behaviour Analysis

82. Sherry BucklerCEO of the Victoria Hospital Foundation

83. Annette BesterPartner, National Leader Credit Unions, MNP LLP, Passionate about business and a strong desire to help women succeed in leadership and grow and mentor others!

84. Nadine WightmanMNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

85. Rebecca OttmannMNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

86. Dawn WatsonMNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

87. Lauren Seymour |  MNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

88. Brecklin Strilaeff |  MNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

89. Kim Dutchak |  MNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

90. Megan Heidt |  MNP LLP Corporate Table - more details to come

91. Jennifer Boyle | University of Saskatchewan, Director of College Communications

92. Kellie Garrett | CEO, Kellie Garrett Enterprises, Speaker, executive coach, Board director, consultant on internal culture/business strategy

93. Stephanie Hughes | DCG Philanthropic Services Inc., Energetic connector, fuelled by creativity, concrete results, and frequent rock star kicks

94. Rose Ann Iron | Social Development Coordinator, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

95. Nicole Powlowski | Senior Manager, Finance and Controlling, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

96. Tobi Warnock | Finance and Administration Manager, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

97. Lauren Hlady | Manager, HR and Communications, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

98. Kaeley Kindrachuk | Crops Extension Specialist, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

99. Tanya Tootoosis | Cage Manager, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

100. Jessica Hemauer | Assistant Controller, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

101. Tanya Heisler | PBU Design Systems Coordinator and Capital Drafting Supervisor, Empowering Women Leader’s program participants, Edwards Executive Education

102. Laurisa Ukrainec | Travel Lodge Saskatoon, Manager of Outlets [MB table guest]

103. Jody Tyson | Federated Coop, IT Control and Governance Manager [MB table guest]

104. Vicki McDougall | Municipal or Provincial Politician or Public Sector Employee

105. Marla Sluzalo | Sales Associate/ICR Commercial Real Estate

106. Pam Naicker | Naicker Consulting [MB table guest]

107. Madyson Bellrose | Madyson's Designs, Young Female Entrepreneur [MB table guest]

108. Deandra Bailey | LB Distillers, Director of Mischief

109. Breanne Chaben | LB Distillers, Employee Referee

110. Maeghan Dubois | K+S Potash Canada, Manager, Communications & Corporate Affairs

111. Erin Kindrachuk | K+S Potash Canada, Human Resource Advisor

112. Janet Uchacz-Hart | Saskatoon Industry Education Council, I am an innovator invested in working with youth, creating opportunities to help young people find their career pathway

113. Michelle Hardy | Saskatoon Industry Education Council

114. Shana Stewart | Saskatoon Industry Education Council, Finance & Office Manager

115. Nicole Norton Scott | CPHR Saskatchewan, Executive Director

116. Jade Gulash | KPMG, Senior Marketing Manager

117. Monique Neigum | KPMG, Manager

118. Kristin Schulkowsky | Bridges Health, Senior Business Development Consultant

119. Bobbi Spicer | Program Coordinator, Edwards Executive Education

120. Megan Orr | Program Coordinator, Edwards Executive Education

121. Rylee Miller | Program Coordinator, Edwards Executive Education

122. Laurie MitchellProgram Coordinator, Edwards Executive Education

123. Rhonda LaingDirector, Policy, Planning and External Relations, Western Economic Diversification Canada / Government of Canada

124. Ashley DrozdaManager, Edwards Executive Education

125. Molly DoucetteProgram Coordinator, Edwards Executive Education

126. Joelle Walker | Director of Public Affairs, Canadian Pharmacists Association


Edwards Executive Education - PowHERlunch Event Partner

Edwards Executive Education has a reputation for building leadership capacity in the province of Saskatchewan,” said Ashley Drozda, Manager, Edwards Executive Education. “The PowHERhouse luncheon is an expansion of our commitment to delivering high quality, relevant and impactful options to empower female leaders to reach their leadership capacity.”

Women’s initiatives offered by Edwards Executive Education currently include SPEAK! Canada, the Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship program, Empowering Women Leaders, the Women of Influence Breakfast Presentation and the Lunafest International Film Festival.

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