DETOX: Is It Time to Think About Detoxing Differently?

January is upon us, and with it many New Year’s Resolutions, newly initiated diets and a resounding resolve that THIS year things are going to be different.  THIS is the year we WILL ‘get healthy’.

My quest into the world of health and fitness began at the age of 18, and I’m 46 this year.  That’s a lot of ‘packed-gym January’s‘ followed closely behind with ‘failed attempts and empty-gym February’s‘.  This year, I’d like to share a few things to think about … and perhaps help you to consider 2015 from a slightly different perspective.


During the month of January, PowHERhouse is launching a detox with our clients and the members of our community (locally and virtually) interested to join us.  You can find out more about it here.  Before things get underway, we felt it was important to share some aspects about detoxing and valuable considerations to give any positive lifestyle management cravings.


What do you want more of in your life – not less… more?

Let’s get one thing straight:  DEPRIVATION DOESN’T WORK.

Most people start off the New Year focusing on what they need to delete from their lives ‘in order to be happier, healthier, wealthier, [choose your adjective and insert here]’ instead of what they want to add.  “I’m going to quit smoking.”  “I’m going to lose weight.”  “I’m going to watch less TV.”  Although these are admirable goals, I’d like to suggestion focusing on what you want more of in your life – not less.  “I’m going to increase my cardio lung capacity, eat fresh veggies, drink more water and improve my breath!”  “I’m going to increase my energy, metabolism and improve my digestion by eating smaller meals focused on quality fuel, and move more often!”  “I’m going to read more, write more or start that new project or hobby that I’ve been wanting to but never have felt like I have enough time.


Focus on rebuilding your energy; banish your diffusers.

Most people start cleanses or detoxes because they are looking for more energy.  The truth of the matter is – your energy is there, it’s just badly fragmented and diffused.  Energy follows attention so ensure your attention is focused on what is truly important to you.  Incoming email, social media mayhem, too much television and negative folks can drain our energy, pronto!  Obviously to function in our everyday world, we need to be adequately immersed; so manage it.  Energy in = energy out.  Rebuilding and restoring energy that you may be draining is key.  This is accomplished through healthy food, regular exercise, deep breathing, lots of water, positive people, laughter, adequate sleep, and remembering what your true passions are!


Beware of the “C – word”.

Why is it we need resolutions anyway?  Have you ever asked yourself that?  I have.  In fact, I ponder it quite a bit.  My role is to help provide women the SOLUTIONS they need (along with our partners) to build stronger bodies,
businesses and lives 365 days of the year.  It’s not an on-again, off-again thing.  Our focus is CONSISTENCY.

How do you generate consistency anyway?  Such a great question.  This is likely the #1 reason for someone’s success or failure.  From our work over the past 15 years, we have found three main factors that greatly increase consistency:

  1. Know your cause:  What is it deep down that anchors your motivation?  Losing 10 pounds is a goal but it isn’t grounded in a cause.  Being strong, healthy and energetic to perform well and excel in your business or your career is a cause.  As is having energy and mobility to play with your grand-kids!  Find your cause and know what you are committed to.
  2. Create a strategy that feels doable:  Every successful person has a strategy – whether in business, sport or leadership – they are not ‘wingin’ it’.  Know where you are going, how you are going to get there and break it down into doable steps that challenge you without overwhelming you.
  3. Utilize a solid success system:  Every successful person I know has a system to ensure their success.  They have the tools they need to succeed, the people in place to keep them motivated, focused and accountable, and the support to ensure their confidence remains high and their commitment solid.  There is strength in numbers.


Be aware of potential roadblocks.

When you start out on any new adventure, it is important to identify what potential roadblocks may arise.  In terms of keeping a consistent and healthy lifestyle in check, many people list an over-packed schedule, frequent travel and family or relationship demands at the top of their list.  Be aware of roadblocks, and work with them.  They aren’t going away, and this is a lifestyle change.  The good news is the stronger and more energetic you are, the better you are able to balance conflicting demands and multiple priorities.


Detoxing your body is one thing – but what about your mind?  It’s even more powerful.

We talk a lot of detoxing our bodies, and yes it is a bit of a buzzword these days.  But what about our minds?  Are we aware of the negative people, thoughts, images and influences that bombard us daily?  Do we have habits and rituals that help us clear distracting or fragmenting energy?  Or, do we simply assume that we are naturally going to be happy?  It’s a choice.  It is important to observe what fills us up as well as what depletes us, and consciously ensure we take enough time to restore, regenerate and recharge.


This may be a group program but it is an individual process.

Our detox is a group program because we believe in the power of a group of like-minded people working together for a common goal.  However, we want to be clear that this is also an individual process as is any lifestyle change.  People operate differently.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Listen to your body and go at a pace that matches where you are at.  When you are ready to forge ahead, then take the next step.  It’s all about baby-steps – positive progress and patience.


It’s not about avoiding getting sick; it’s about how ridiculously good you can feel!

One of the reasons I absolutely love what I do (and have for 15 years!) is that I get to introduce people to how good they truly can feel.  When you start to invigorate and stimulate muscles and energy that have perhaps been lying dormant for years; when you begin to connect with your core and own the power that comes from feeling strong and more grounded in your body; when you can enjoy a sense of lightness, ease and clarity because your mind is clear and focused… magic starts to happen.  Pieces come together.  Opportunities surface.  Amazing people appear in your life.  Coincidence?  Not at all.  You are operating in a vibrationally vibrant and magnetic state.  You are literally ATTRACTIVE!


Want to be awesome?  Surround yourself with like-minded positive, awesome folks!

One of the most powerful shifts you can make this year is to be aware your Influencers.  If you want to be positive, healthy, strong and active… then find folks who are.

“If you want to become healthy, you have to surround yourself with a group of people that are getting healthy, and you have to be connected to a community that is doing what you want to do.”  Henry Cloud


What can you see yourself doing five years from now?

I’ll leave you with one question that I repeatedly ask clients when they come to me with the latest diet plan, weight loss pill or workout regime.  Simple, “Can you see yourself doing this five years from now?”  If the answer is no, then it yet another temporary short-term attempt, possibly even a gimmick.  It’s much more important and impactful to focus on positive changes that you can make bit-by-bit, shift-by-shift towards a lean, fit, healthy and energetic lifestyle… for the long term.







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