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“I started my first company 16 years ago with little to no support from others in my industry.  I felt isolated, confused and overwhelmed most of the time.”

Beauty + WellnessTVIn 2013, I was asked to be a guest speaker for an entrepreneurial group in the wellness and beauty industry to chat about video marketing since my specialty capturing people’s stories on camera is something that I am extremely passionate about.  As I was giving my chat, I veered off-course and started to stress that building community, in my opinion, was essential in creating a fulfilling and successful business.

Everything I have learned about business, for the most part, has been self-taught, and I have fallen on my face more times than I can count.  I explained to the entrepreneurial group that I wish I had a community that I could have leaned on, not be afraid to say I was struggling or admit to that I didn’t have all of the answers.  As well, a community that I could celebrate with when I experienced success.  I craved mentors that could guide and lift me up, encouraging me to keep digging deep and pressing forward.  I explained that I love bringing people together, connecting them with others who have a similar vision, can provide incredible education, answer each other’s questions, (instead of going at it alone) and feel like they can overcome any obstacle thrown at them with the support and encouragement of others.

Just before I wrapped up my chat, one of the participants spoke up and said: “Can you make a community for us?”

My friend and colleague, Cadi Jordan who invited me to speak that day quickly responded and said, “Sure, Kathy will do it!”

I was definitely not expecting that one guest speaking appearance would change my life in such a dramatic and wonderful way!  And so, the story began…

Cadi was right.  Less than one year later, I launched Beauty + WellnessTV!, a community filled with the most talented and passionate wellness, fitness and beauty industry professionals in Vancouver and Toronto.  I have assembled a team of business experts who are available to support our members with their questions and concerns.  We engage both online and offline to forge relationships with one another.  This allows the group to explore and create strategic business alliances and learn and implement the latest marketing strategies.  They also have access to create video content for members who wish to showcase the “why” behind their work, and most importantly, they feel supported.  Our community is constantly evolving so, therefore, the creative things we do is also always changing which is very exciting.

Lifestyle + Leadership, Integrated

I am thrilled to have partnered with Charlene SanJenko of PowHERhouse.  Char and I share the same vision of bringing people together –  with community comes great power.  The one thing we realized was that the women in both of our communities could create amazing support for one another.  We saw that with success usually comes a tendency to leave our health and well-being on the sidelines, but now with access to the skills and support of our members in BeWellTV, everyone will enjoy the resources needed to take care of Self as effectively as they care for their business.
Success is not only measured by dollars, but also by well-being.  My grandmother used to say to me, “You have nothing if you don’t have your health.”

Guest Contributor:  Kathy Marliss, Founder of Beauty + WellnessTV
PS:  Thanks to Cadi Jordan for pushing me off the ledge that day in 2013.  I am so lucky to have made so many amazing friends on this journey and can’t wait to make more.

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