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Andrea Carter is the CEO and Visionary of Wealthy Woman Warrior™ global training programs for feminine mindset, leadership, and success.

“Life is complicated.  To handle the diversions, distractions, and disconnections there is no other way to achieve the economic potential women need to be making than to get off the “island of me” and get into the “nation of we”. 

It’s time to collaborate, support and enrich each other’s lives so we can change the world.”

Andrea Carter | PowHERhouseAndrea is a dynamic and inspirational teacher who for the past 20 years has combined her clinical expertise with a fusion of science, psychology, spirituality, and mental training resulting in optimal success for Olympic Athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and highly influential women entrepreneurs and CEOs.  Her programs literally transform dreams into realities.

Her mission is to empower a million Canadian women by 2025 to reach their economic potential while feeding women and children monthly through her social economic giveback plan.  We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Andrea to find out more about this incredible vision and the PowHERhouse behind it.

Describe your Mission.  What’s it all about for you?

Women in leadership are the future.  Canadian women are highly under-represented and relevant in our global economy; now more than ever, we need to change this.  If we want the change that’s needed in this world today, we can’t wait for the system to change for us, we must individually commit to making a difference and then collaborate with other women to help bring that difference to fruition.  Our children and our future leaders are taking their cues from the women in their lives, we cannot give up – even in the throes of disruption – we must persevere.  For me, that comes down to learning how to ignite my inner power and mindset so that I can keep getting back up and showing the world that we matter, and we are making a difference!

What is your ultimate dream for your mission and where you’d like to take it? 

By 2025, I will have empowered a million Canadian women to achieve their economic potential through collaboration, training and leadership development.

  • I will showcase 100 Canadian women authors, difference makers and leaders on #TribeThrive YouTube Channel and Wealthy Woman Warrior™.
  • I will provide a platform for women who are making a difference to be featured without the massive price tag to do so.
  • I will have a variety of training programs in technology, financial literacy, career advancement, and entrepreneurship.
  • I will have the number one mindset training program enabling women to keep going, from the rut to momentum to massive change, together we can.

Describe what success looks like – complete fruition. 

  • 100 women featured.
  • 20 women success ambassadors delivering mindset training and developing their own following while being financially empowered.
  • Online Resource Centre for women to thrive at all price points.
  • 1 Million women reached and actively taking action towards earning their economic potential.
  • For every paid program, 1 woman and child fed for a month (Indigenous women as our first priority) achieved through our partner RTG group.
  • Strategic partnerships with Canadian women who provide services that complement and align with our mission – creating collaborative partnerships that unite that unite and support each other and those who need us.
  • Helping women entrepreneurs receive significant savings on services with our strategic partners – Communications, Law, Accountants, Technology, Financial Planning, Strategy For Services are among some of the specific areas.
  • Helping women receive the funding needed to advance their business and have the ability to go global.

Describe your success strategy in one sentence. 

Creating results and impact with technology, mindset and financial empowerment.

Biggest highlight in your journey thus far? 

Launching Power To Thrive™ mindset training in 2016 for professionals to achieve their impossible, and then training 4 Canadian Women, in 4 different industries, and seeing them thrive and be able to earn income while significantly changing the lives of others… all while raising my 2 children with learning challenges and maintaining a 20-year marriage!

One thing that you feel has been most pivotal or useful thus far in your journey? 

My mindset training course called Power To Thrive™.  I created a mental training performance program that uses a special construct called the Inner Navigation Center™ (INC) taught in the course.  It is through this construct that anyone who learns it can persevere, trust in themselves and get back up even when they’ve been kicked to the curb.  It’s helped 4,000 so far, and personally it has allowed me to thrive instead of just survive.

How would you describe what brings you the greatest joy in your current role?

Seeing the people who use INC be able to succeed and thrive – no matter what.  Seeing what happens when the women who are featured on the platform are launched into momentum.  Seeing what Canadian women are able to achieve when we work together!  Seeing my children and their friends thrive when using the platform as well… it’s pretty incredible how much joy is experienced when you’re doing something you love!

What would be your top three tips for women regarding a walking their talk and a courageously approaching to is most important to them.

1)  Planning is not strategy alone.  Success is science, psychology and spirituality.  To achieve your economic potential and make a difference in the world, your self-awareness and mindset is how you keep getting up and living passionately!

2)  You’re going to fall.  Regardless if you are an entrepreneur or professional in corporate, you’re going to get knocked down.  You’re likely going to be taken advantage of.  It’s a steep learning curve when you’re running your own business or navigating to the top, however allowing yourself the grace to learn the basics.  Expect to make mistakes – it’s not failure it’s fortitude.  Don’t let it knock you out of your focus and capability of helping the world.

3)  Get off the island of ME.  Seriously!  You cannot and will not survive thinking you can carry the weight of your vision without a community of other supportive women.  Join the “Nation of WE”!

How do you balance between being an impactful community leader, a busy professional, volunteer and so much more without dodging your own self-care?

Every day I start my day with INC.  It is like taking meditation or active visualization and bridging the gap between clarity and action so that no matter what I am facing, I’m focused, passionate and fully alive! 

I had a mentor once who told me that my Power To Thrive™ training would never sell.  I stopped using it thinking she was right.  In that time, my energy crashed, my focus was convoluted at best, my adrenal glands shut down, and I fell into a deep depression.  My husband told me, “Start doing INC again, who cares what some woman said, she doesn’t even know what it’s done for countless others including myself and our family!”  Within a week I was out of bed.  The next month I began the launch to take it public. I haven’t looked back since.

You must have some pretty long days.  How do you keep your energy up and your focus consistent?  How you stay PowHERful and on the top of your game? 

1)  INC (Inner Navigation Centre™ taught in Power to Thrive™)

2)  My family is a priority.  We’ve put systems in place so that we’re helping each other to get to where we want to be; by focusing on what we want rather than what is.  We are a team, and I get energy from them by seeing how what I do, not say, impacts them. 

3)  Exercise and supplements.

4)  Collaborations with kick-ass Canadian women!

What would you say your Top 3 Excellence Habits are (ie. habits that ensure your success).

1) INC – I start my day with it.  I end my day with it.  I use it in between when things are challenging.

2) I practice daily gratitude.

3) I practice daily self-awareness and connections with others.

Describe your Top 3 Time Management Tips as they relate to your Mission.

1)  Best app on the planet – StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites.  Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day.

2)  Plan my projects and reverse-engineer the time needed.  Then get it scheduled in my calendar.

3)  Time blocking for marketing, project momentum and collaboration development.

Describe collaboration and what the looks like/feels like on the ground – how does it show up in your life?

Andrea Carter | PowHERhouseIt’s literally everywhere in my biz and life.  There isn’t a day that passes that I’m not either actively helping a local Toronto woman out or reaching out for support myself.  I actively recognize there is no way to reach my vision without helping and supporting others.  In showing women I care, in believing in them and what they are capable of, they return it ten-fold.  I don’t think I ever realized the power of giving until I began to actively do it daily.  So whether that’s in our community when our children are struggling, to business, to women trying to make it out of the trenches.  I give my attention, time, energy and love.

Describe a favourite hobby or adventure.

Favourite hobby – skiing.  It is the most challenging sport I’ve ever encountered.  I’m not a natural.  I didn’t grow up with it, and I’m frankly terrified of heights and steeps.  My husband raced as a child.  My kids love it.  As the woman leader of my family, knowing families that play together stay together, I actively push myself each season – ice, rain or snow – to get out there and conquer the hill (yes in Ontario they are hills and mainly ice)!  Since last year, I went from green to blues to being able to ski a black.  I’ve learned to look fear in the face and say today you don’t scare me! It’s made me a better and more compassionate person, it keeps me grounded and honestly, it keeps me humble!

Favourite energy meal or snack (healthy).


Do you have a morning ritual or primer that you use daily to set your state positively and powHERfully?  We’d love to hear about it!


Favourite indulgence or treat.

Butter tarts.

Top 3 things on your Bucket List.

  • Travel to Africa with our family.
  • Ski the Alps.
  • Inspire our next generation.

What does giving back (fulfillment) look like to you?

It’s having a business that has a giveback model built into it so that with each ounce of service, it’s rippled into more service.  That’s why we built in the ability to take a portion of sales and feed a woman or child each month locally through a company called, Receiving Through Giving Group or RTG.  I also became a founding member of the IWB, Immigrant Women In Business, so that I can provide value to the women immigrating to Canada.  I believe it starts in our own backyard.  Canadian women need support so that they can reach economic potential – doing so it creates $150 Billion dollar influx into our GDP (McKinsey Global Institute, 2017).  One woman at a time, one leader at a time…that’s what it starts with but then it mushrooms into a nation.

I never leave home without my…….. cell phone.

What are the apps or online tools you most use?

  • Gratitude Journal – by PPL Development Company.  It’s an app that allows you to input the things you’re grateful for. 
  • Fitbit app – gotta track my movement and my eating so that I’m constantly reminded to take care of my physical health.
  • StayFocusd – mentioned above.

Do you have a morning ritual? What is it?

Wake at 5:30am and before my brain is flooded with all the worries and thoughts of “getting it all done”, I actively go into my mindset construct (INC).  Then I do a specific engagement to set me up for success for the day.  Out of bed, 7-minute wake up movement exercises.  Onto to my computer for completing one written task without going online.  7 am – Wake my babes and hubby.  We rock it out to music in the kitchen while eating and getting ready for our days.  7:50-8:15 am (depending on schedule) Kids out the door.  8:30 am at my desk and onto second task of the day.

If you could display a 1-line message in Times Square that would be televised to women around the world, what would it say?

#Collaborate4Change – Get off the ‘Island of ME’.  Get onto the ‘Nation of WE’!

Your thoughts on mentoring young women?  What do you feel your most valuable lessons to pass on are? 

It is absolutely necessary to mentor young women – even women my age need female mentors.  This is part of the problem and why I am an advocate for changing the conversation.

Practice failure – it creates success.

Andrea Carter | PowHERhouse

Where do we go from here in terms of supporting and inspiring women to step-up and continue moving forward with their missions… regardless of how hard it may feel at times.  #confidence  #courage  #connections #capital

Top 3:

  1. Mindset, technology, financial literacy training
  2. Collaboration training – seriously, women don’t know how to do this effectively with ROI built in.
  3. Active connection, communication and support – daily!

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