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Last year we launched our Women Built2Scale Webinar Series.  You can view our 2018 webinars HERE.

In 2019, we bring you a year full of relevant learning and timely inspiration opportunities for a purpose.
That specific purpose is to help you to chart out Your Leader Path if you have not done so already; to identify where you are on that path as well as where your ultimate destination is, and how you'll know when you get there.
Each webinar in our series is dedicated to positively progressing you forward on your path with as much fulfillment, energy + ease and impact  as possible!  Here's to an EPIC year on Your Leader Path!
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We are currently looking for a MEDIA2MOBILIZE PARTNER for this webinar series who is interested to work with us to fully leverage this mobilization opportunity by placing a minimal percentage of your annual media-buy dollars directly into an initiative that advances women leaders in your organization, industry, community and country.
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In November 2018, the Government of Canada announced a Social Finance Fund and its intention to invest $755 million over the next 10 years into it.  An additional $50 million over two years to help social purpose organizations will improve their ability to successfully participate in the social finance market.  The proposed Social Finance Fund could generate up to $2 billion in economic activity and help create as many as 100,000 jobs over the next decade.  What does all of this mean 'on the ground'?  What does it mean for everyday social innovators, impact entrepreneurs, local leaders and visionaries?  How do we access these funds, and are they meant for us?  In March, we'll sit down with three industry experts to learn  more about social finance and the world of impact investing generally as well as the Social Finance Fund specifically.

July tbc  |  SELF-CARE SUMMER SCHOOL - coming up!

In May, we introduce you to our co-hosts of our upcoming Self-Care Summer School, a online global wellness program for women dedicated to quality food with a simple approach, intentional breath work, movement + stretch on the mat, and mindset mastery with a personal leadership focus to create the life experience you most desire.

July tbc  |  PERFORMANCE:  Inside an Athlete's Mind

More details coming soon.

August:  OFF

September/October tbc:  FALL DETOX + BANISHING BURNOUT

November:  A YEAR IN REVIEW - Highlights locally, nationally & internationally

December:  OFF


On Friday, June 7, we sat down with Rory Holland, Corey Sigvaldason, Ben Smith and Mike Rowlands for a conversation about mobilizing leaders, how men and women can lead together more effectively, and where they feel most called to place their focus, energy and attention as leaders looking to make a world-class impact in 2019.  




On Thursday, May 16, we spoke with keynote guest speakers Pam Klein, President at Phoenix Group, Miriam Johnson, Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, Tom Watson, Business Leader, Author & Founder of Your Better Life, [not available for May 16] and Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Indigenous Social Impact Entrepreneur and Founder of Birch Bark Coffee about our upcoming Accelerator in Regina on September 25-27,  2019, what we're looking to create for this 3-day leader development + activation experience, who should attend, and why.

March 8 | MENWHOMOBILIZE | #BalanceforBetter - International Women's Day

A virtual coffee & conversation as Charlene leads a discussion with male leaders from sport, the public sector, entrepreneurship and social impact on International Women's Day.

MenWhoMobilize | Why it's important, what that looks like, and how it leads to #BalanceforBetter.


We are also going to have a whole lot of fun!

PowHERhouse is deeply committed to a significant increase the number of Canadian women in key leadership positions by 2025.

We create opportunities for women leaders in Canada to access what they need to amplify their impact through our programming, partnerships, special projects, publications and live events.