Calgary Reception 6 (Large)


We enjoyed a special after-work reception on Thursday evening, April 12th to thank and recognize those who have made our inaugural WOMEN BUILT2SCALE accelerator possible as well to provide a platform to share the Bigger Picture behind the series, and in fact, the entire media movement of PowHERhouse.

Craig Hoover - HAWORTH, Director Western Canada

Special thanks to HAWORTH, our Venue Host for the evening.  "At HAWORTH, we believe inspiring spaces can enrich lives and businesses around the world, and we want to be involved because we are inspired by people who help and inspire others!"

Shelley Hayes - Empowerment Inc.

Shelley is the Chief Empowerment Officer at Empowerment Inc., a company dedicated to the empowerment of women through self-defense and assertiveness training.

Shelley works closely alongside PowHERhouse Media as a Women WE Celebrate media partner and is looking forward to being our Host & MC for the evening.  View Shelley's profile here.

When asked to share her thoughts on the importance of partnerships to build strong women in Calgary and throughout Canada, Shelley pointed to our relationship with HAWORTH as a prime example, "Haworth has a powerful and innovative team who inspire and uplift women and the community with deep dedication.  Their generosity and authentic partnership have been a gift to us in professionally and personally.  And, they know how to have fun and LAUGH!  What could be better?  If you’d like to see a shining example of a quality community partner, come meet the Haworth team!”

Pat Lipovski - The Envision Group

Pat is the founder of The Envision Group International. With more than 19+ years of experience and multiple Partners internationally, Pat and his team are one of the most sought-after groups of facilitators, practice leadership specialists and executive coaches around the world.  Pat is participating in the WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Accelerator as one of our facilitators for our Friday Entrepreneur Workshop.  Pat will share a few words at the reception about why he's chosen to support WOMEN BUILT2CALE, Why Women & Why Now?

Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Media Group

Charlene has dedicated her life's work to building strong women since 2000 when she left her career as a National Marketing Manager for a privately-held national investment firm and set out to build a brokerage house of her own – and Media House – a powerful catalyst that fuels efforts, places muscle behind missions, and provides profile, podiums and a nation-wide platform for Canadian women.  She strongly believes in the power of media to mobilize more women into leadership roles and utilizes publications, partnerships, online content and live events to carry forward the PowHERhouse mission of building a stronger nation, one powHERful woman at a time!

Background |  PowHERhouse Media uses media to move women forward, faster!

Women are up to incredible, EPIC work in this world.

We deeply crave to be seen, known, and heard… acknowledged, recognized and celebrated for the LEADERS we are because of WHO we are and how we SHOW UP in our everyday lives.

Who is mainstream media celebrating?  We know we can do better – and we are!

We’re redefining women’s media with a model that is multi-dimensional, interactive, inclusive, and fully integrated – by women, for women, about women.

PowHERhouse Media provides what’s been missing up to this point – a VOICE; VISIBILITY for the ‘everyday woman’ who quietly and now not-so-quietly is changing this world.  We demonstrate what is possible and inspire others to Find Their Voice and Take Their Lead, creating a powHERful ripple of IMPACT.

We are building a stronger nation, one powHERful woman at a time.

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