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May 28th Webinar (1)

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Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO, PowHERhouse Media Group

Are you ready to say what truly needs to be said?

Our future depends on it.  Find Your Voice.  Take Your Lead.

The ultimate possibility and fully realized potential of our future lies in our ability to SPEAK! about it.


Meet our WOMENBUILT2SCALE webinar special guests below.

Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Founder + CEO

Julia McElgunn Calgary Spring PowHERlunch 2018

Julia McElgunn

Geologist + Sustainability Advocate

Julia is a professional geologist who is passionate about science and human behavior.

I am critical thinker and question both sides of every story to seek and understand before providing a creative win-win solution.

Erin grey suit cropped

Erin Thorp

Emphatic People & Project Leader

Erin is a professional engineer, a certified Integral™ Coach, and passionate about self and leadership development.  

I am passionate about teaching others how to add connection, impact, and vulnerability to their leadership toolkit in an effort to build more inclusive, higher-performing teams.

Kelly-Beattie resized

Kelly Beattie

Transformational Change Agent, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

Kelly has a passion for people and a vision for continuous improvement and engagement.  

I want people to feel they can contribute and make a difference in their workplaces.

Zena-2 speaking

Zena Amundsen

Certified Financial Planner | Adding Heart to Business + Money

Zena is an Author, Speaker and Certified Financial Planner trying to change the financial world by adding heart to business and money.

I inspire women to take control of their finances by nurturing a connection to money.

Shannon cropped

Shannon Waters

Medical Health Officer for the Cowichan Region

Shannon is also a Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physician with a deep passion for community and Aboriginal Health. 

I am Coast Salish from Stz’uminus First Nation, and I have the ability to lead with influence and bridge two worlds together.

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We're on a mission to actively mobilize Canadian women through the vehicle of media.  WOMENBUILT2SCALE is a great example of our work in the world.