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Who Are the Leaders? Are YOU?

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a huge Obama fan.  And yes, I’m an Agent for Change.  If fact, I identify myself as a Creative Catalyst for Positive Change.  People ask me what I do, and if I have to put a ‘label’ on it I usually say, “Project & Event Management” because that is term that is comfortable for people.  We’re so stuck on labels – and that’s sad because that puts you in a box. 

What I want to say is, “I’m a natural born leader.  I have the ability to have a vision and pull a team of people together to make it happen.  I’m a ridiculously huge thinker.  I’m passionate about encouraging people to Think Big and pull off the blinders and limitations.  I love to write, speak and sing.  I also have a gift:  Accessing Opportunity.  Talent accessing Opportunity, which is why I love networking, promotion, and see so much potential on the Sunshine Coast where I live.  Some – untapped potential.  Some – forgotten potential.  Some – raw talent.  It’s all here.

I enjoy finding ‘My People’.  Believe who believe that you really can proactively live your life.  That you create what happens through your conversations… that Words lead the way!  If you wonder why I have so many ‘coffee conversations’ with people… trust me, it ain’t always about the coffee and more so about the conversation

My passion is positive CHANGE.  Why?  Because GROWTH occurs in the face of CHANGE… and only in the face of CHANGE.  Let me give you an example.  It’s spring, and we’re all thinking about getting into better shape.  I was a full-time personal fitness trainer for 8 years… it’s second nature for me.  I’ll tell you that the only way you are going to change your body (stronger, fitter, leaner) is by changing up your current routine.  Your body gets used to – comfortable with – (oh, there’s that comfortable word again) a set routine and you’ll no longer see results until you change up your activity level, exercise type, or eating habits.  If you want a different result… you’ve got to change up the ingredients!  How?  Oh gosh, there’s a zillion books and beliefs out there as to the ‘how’ so just pick one that feels doable to you… it really doesn’t matter.  The most important part is that it is a ‘change’ from what you are currently doing.

CHANGE… local and global.  CHANGE… tangible and intangible.  That’s why I do what I do… the events, the conversations, the projects, the volunteering, the clients… for me it’s all about demonstrating leadership and tangible results.  It’s more than that.  It’s providing evidence of how creative conversation + coordinated action = RESULTS.  Creating the life you want, the body you want, the success you desire.  It all starts with … you guessed it, CHANGE.

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  1. Kasia on March 14, 2010 at 3:01 am

    You are a changemaker!
    Welcome to the family 🙂
    It’s an exciting community to be in and makes life extraordinary, meaningful, and passionate. And there’s a LOT of change out there that needs to be done.
    Happy we’re friends 🙂

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