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September 25-27, 2019, EVRAZ Place in REGINA

Three Consecutive Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to Supercharge Your Path, Purpose & Performance as a Canadian Leader.


September 25-27, 2019, hosted at EVRAZ Place in REGINA.

Three Consecutive Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to Supercharge Your Path, Purpose & Performance as a Canadian Leader.

PowHERhouse Women’s Leadership Accelerator is pleased to announce the WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Leadership Accelerator, an opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to engage in a disruptive dialogue on creative, meaningful and significant growth for women's leadership in Canada by 2025.
This three-day event is a curated collection of events, workshops and targeted conversations.

The Accelerator will convene primarily female leaders from across Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba as well as decision-makers from all sectors including corporate, government and community development. The aim is to harness diverse insights and gather recommendations to be incorporated into a national women's leadership mobilization plan.

Participants are welcome to attend one, two or all three event days.

Highlights include:

PowHERlunch & Afternoon Growth Workshops. (Wednesday, September 25)
The Western Canada Leadership Accelerator kicks off with our ever-popular PowHERlunch, convening a diverse cross-section of impactful leaders for intentional + interactive conversations, inspirational learning and growth. 
Featuring: Sabeen Ahmad, Brand Storyteller, Regina Exhibition Association Limited
Kathryn Pollack, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Resources, SK
Heather Abbey, Cofounder, Indig Inc.
Ben Smith, Author, #MenWhoMobilize Champion
Wendy Turner-Larsen, Executive/Leadership Brain Coach  
Growth Workshops follow the PowHERlunch and focus on insights, inspiration and implementable tips, tools, strategies and solutions for individual leader growth.  
• Plenary sessions where guest and keynote speakers will explore a proactive process for the collective mobilization for Canadian women leaders. (Thursday, September 26, 2019)
Session topics include The Winning Model, The Leader Path, The Whole Team, and The Legacy We Leave. Participants will discuss specific mobilization topics between presentations and share their perspectives on the ideas presented. 
Keynote speakers include: Pam Klein, President at Phoenix Group, Miriam Johnson, Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, Tom Watson, Business Leader, Author & Founder of Your Better Life, and Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Indigenous Social Impact Entrepreneur and Founder of Birch Bark Coffee.
• The Legs of Our Legacy Breakfast & Panel Discussion (Friday, September 27, 2019)
Join us for a morning of inspiration, wisdom, interactive discussion and a memorable closing circle as we convene local leaders and young leaders. Each day we have the opportunity to positively influence others. One can never underestimate the impact of an action or word, our time or attention, spent nurturing those around us and those who come behind us.
Featuring: Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO of PowHERhouse, HOST
Victoria Gagné, Business Development Specialist at Clarence Campeau Development Fund
Yaya Wang, Human Resource Manager, Canada for CLAAS of America
Candyce Fiessel, Founder of My Life Planner, and Director of Operations & Partner, The Style Academy
PowHERhouse is collectively aligned with the goals of the Federal Government as outlined in the 2018 Budget's Gender Results Framework, specifically Sustainable Development Goal #5: Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life.

Wednesday, September 25

Afternoon Growth Workshop #1
Wednesday, September 25

Afternoon Growth Workshop #2
Wednesday, September 25

Full Day Conference
Thursday, September 26

Legs of Our Legacy Breakfast & Panel
Friday, September 27

Joining us for the Western Canada Leadership Accelerator:

1.    Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Team

2.    Dennyse Harris, PowHERhouse Team

3.    Dana Caple, PowHERhouse Team

4.    Wendi Rottluff, PowHERhouse Team

5.    Ticia Lee, PowHERhouse Team

6.    Marianne Bell, PowHERhouse Team

7.    Jasmine Kernaleguen, PowHERhouse Team

8.    Sharon Marshall, PowHERhouse Team, SPEAKER DAY 1

9.    Lisa Peters, TV Host and Community Producer of Talk of The Town at Access Communications, Eye Inspire Events

10.  Sabeen Ahmad, Brand Storyteller, Regina Exhibition Association  MC DAY 1

11.  Kathryn Pollack, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Resources, SK  SPEAKER DAY 1

12.  Heather Abbey, Cofounder of Indig Inc  SPEAKER DAY 1

13.  Ben Smith, #MenWhoMobilize Champion  SPEAKER DAY 1

14.  Wendy Turner-Larsen, INTERSECT Turner Larsen Consulting  SPEAKER DAY 1

15.  Kelly Beattie, Beyond Connections Consulting  SPEAKER DAY 1

16.  Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Minister of Advanced Education, Minister Responsible for Status of Women, SK  SPEAKER DAY 1

17.  Brittany Melnyck, VP of Product at NC Smart Call  SPEAKER DAY 1

18.  Katrina German,  SPEAKER DAY 1

19.  Kristy Ehman, Founder and CEO, Hyon Software Inc.  SPEAKER DAY 1

20.  Tina Overbury, TinaOLife  SPEAKER DAY 1

21.  Christina Benty, Strategic Leadership Solutions  SPEAKER DAY 1

22.  Candyce Fiessel, MyLife Planner, The Style Academy  SPEAKER DAY 1&3

23.  Pam Klein, President of the Phoenix Group  SPEAKER DAY 2

24.  Miriam Johnson, Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders  SPEAKER DAY 2

25.  Tom Watson, Business Leader, Author, Founder of Your Better Life  SPEAKER DAY 2

26.  Tom Watson Guest  Reception & DAY 2

27.  Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Founder of Birch Bark Coffee  SPEAKER DAY 2

27.  Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow Guest  Reception & DAY 2

29.  Linda Allen-Hardisty, Allen Hardisty Consulting  MC DAY 2

30.  Victoria Gagné, Business Development Specialist, Clarence Campeau Development Fund  SPEAKER DAY 3

31.  Yaya Wang, Human Resource Manager, Canada for CLASS of America  SPEAKER DAY 3

32.  Tina Svedahl, Harvard Developments Inc.   3-DAY VIP

33.  Lisa Swallow, Physical Therapist/ ARC Orthopaedic and Sports Rehab   Reception & DAY 2

34.  Kristen Hallberg, Women United Sponsor, Manager, Product Development  3-DAY VIP

35.  Erin Folk, Folk Consulting Inc.  3-DAY VIP

36.  Cathy Glasser, Glasser Safety Services  3-DAY VIP

37.  Arla Cameron, Internal Trade Representative, Government of Saskatchewan  3-DAY VIP

38.  Wendy Ward, EA to Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor  3-DAY VIP

39.  Mari Petroski, Ministry of Advanced Education  DAY 1

40.  Amy Oliver, Sr Strategy Lead, Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub  DAY 1 & Reception

41.  Erin Campbell Howard, Principal, Erin Campbell Howell Consulting  DAY 1

42.  Leah Clement, Director of Primary Health Care, Sask Health Authority  DAY 3

43. Sheri Melnick, Sheri Melnick Consulting  DAY 1 & Reception

44. Charlotte Beaujot, Broker/Owner/Realtor, Eve Realty Inc.  DAY 2

45. Jade Moore, Associate Broker/Owner/Realtor, Eve Realty Inc.  DAY 2

46. Meghan Campbell, P3Architecture Partnership  3-DAY VIP

47. Tamara Baer, Canada Revenue Agency   3-DAY VIP

48. Mary-Lou Saccary, Canada Revenue Agency  #2  3-DAY VIP

49. Roberta Tetreault, Canada Revenue Agency VIP   3-DAY VIP

50. Karen Ruecker, Canada Revenue Agency VIP   3-DAY VIP

51. University of Regina VIP Guest #1  3-DAY VIP

52. Kari Harvey (tbc), Innovation Saskatchewan  DAY 1

53. Innovation Saskatchewan Guest DAY 1




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"Never has there been a better time to be a female leader in Canada!"

The time to act is now.  

We must know what it is we want both individually and collectively

with clear targets, a mobilization path and a plan to get there. 

We must clearly and concisely communicate and ask for what we need. 

The importance of convening powerful women for a specific purpose has never been greater. 

It is time to coordinate and communicate our action for its highest impact. 

WE are the leaders we have been waiting for.

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