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Thank you to everyone who helped make the Accelerator a huge success! 

The Accelerator IMPACT Report

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Meet some of our Accelerator Speakers!

Candyce Fiessel

Tom Watson

Pam Klein

Miriam Johnson

Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor

Ben Smith

Mark Marsolai-Nahwegahbow

Jasmine Kernaleguen

Thank you to the close to 200 leaders who joined us for the Accelerator!

1.    Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Team

2.    Dennyse Harris, PowHERhouse Team

3.    Dana Caple, PowHERhouse Team

4.    Wendi Rottluff, PowHERhouse Team

5.    Ticia Lee Heward, PowHERhouse Team, DAY 1

6.    Marianne Bell, PowHERhouse Team

7.    Jasmine Kernaleguen, PowHERhouse Team

8.    Sharon Marshall, PowHERhouse Team, SPEAKER DAY 1

9.    Lisa Peters, TV Host and Community Producer of Talk of The Town at Access Communications, Eye Inspire Events

10.  Bernadette McIntyre, Scoreco Consulting, Regina Exhibition Association  MC DAY 1, Reception

11.  Kathryn Pollack, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Resources, SK  SPEAKER DAY 1, Reception, DAY 3

13.  Ben Smith, #MenWhoMobilize Champion  SPEAKER DAY 1

15.  Kelly Beattie, Beyond Connections Consulting  PowHERhouse Team & SPEAKER DAY 1

16.  Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Minister of Advanced Education, Minister Responsible for Status of Women, SK  SPEAKER DAY 1, Reception, DAY 2

17.  Brittany Melnyck, VP of Product at NC Smart Call  SPEAKER DAY 1

18.  Katrina German, katrinagerman.com  SPEAKER DAY 1

19.  Kristy Ehman, Founder and CEO, Hyon Software Inc.  SPEAKER DAY 1

20.  Tina Overbury, TinaOLife  SPEAKER DAY 1, Reception

21.  Christina Benty, Strategic Leadership Solutions  SPEAKER DAY 1, Reception

22.  Candyce Fiessel, MyLife Planner, The Style Academy  SPEAKER DAY 1&3

23.  Pam Klein, President of the Phoenix Group.  Day 1, SPEAKER DAY 2, DAY 3

24.  Miriam Johnson, Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders  SPEAKER DAY 2, Reception

25.  Tom Watson, Business Leader, Author, Founder of Your Better Life  Reception, SPEAKER DAY 2, DAY 3

27.  Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Founder of Birch Bark Coffee  Reception, SPEAKER DAY 2, DAY 3

27.  Laura Thomas  Reception, DAY 2, DAY 3

29.  Linda Allen-Hardisty, Allen Hardisty Consulting  MC DAY 2

30.  Victoria Gagné, Business Development Specialist, Clarence Campeau Development Fund  SPEAKER DAY 3

31.  Yaya Wang, Human Resource Manager, Canada for CLASS of America  DAY 1, SPEAKER DAY 3

32.  Tina Svedahl, Harvard Developments Inc.   3-DAY VIP

33.  Lisa Swallow, Physical Therapist/ ARC Orthopaedic and Sports Rehab   Reception & DAY 2

34.  Kristen Hallberg, Women United Sponsor, Manager, Product Development  3-DAY VIP

35.  Erin Folk, Folk Consulting Inc.  3-DAY VIP

36.  Cathy Glasser, Glasser Safety Services  3-DAY VIP

37.  Arla Cameron, Internal Trade Representative, Government of Saskatchewan  3-DAY VIP

38.  Wendy Ward, EA to Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor  3-DAY VIP

39.  Mari Petroski, Ministry of Advanced Education, Saskatchewan  3-DAY VIP

40.  Amy Oliver, Sr Strategy Lead, Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub  DAY 1 & Reception

41.  Erin Campbell Howell, Principal, Erin Campbell Howell Consulting  DAY 1

42.  Leah Clement, Director of Primary Health Care, Sask Health Authority  DAY 3

43.  Sheri Melnick, Sheri Melnick Consulting  DAY 1 & Reception

44.  Charlotte Beaujot, Broker/Owner/Realtor, Eve Realty Inc.  DAY 2

45.  Jade Moore, Associate Broker/Owner/Realtor, Eve Realty Inc.  DAY 2

46.  Meghan Campbell, P3Architecture Partnership  3-DAY VIP

47.  Tamara Baer, Canada Revenue Agency   3-DAY VIP

48.  Mary-Lou Saccary, Canada Revenue Agency  #2  3-DAY VIP

49.  Roberta Tetreault, Canada Revenue Agency VIP   3-DAY VIP

50.  Karen Ruecker, Canada Revenue Agency VIP   3-DAY VIP

51.  Gina Grandy, Dean, Hill Levene Schools of Business 3-DAY VIP

52.  Kari Harvey, Innovation Saskatchewan  DAY 1

53.  Kaitlin Sherven, Innovation Saskatchewan  DAY 1

54.  Jolene Watson, DAY 1 & Reception

55.  Jessica McNaughton, Start Up Founder and Corporate Culture Consultant  3-DAY VIP

56.  Brandi Good, BLG Business Solutions  DAY 1

57.  Colleen Strauch, Manager of Recruitment, Luther College, University of Regina  DAY 1

58.  Daria Malin, Boost Coaching  DAY 1

59.  Juliet Omonaiye, P3Architecture Partnership  DAY 2

60. Tessa Piapot Christopher, P3Architecture Partnership  DAY 2

61.  Vanessa Ilg, P3Architecture Partnership,  DAY 2

62.  Megan Jones, P3Architecture Partnership DAY 2

63.  Prabha Mitchell, CEO, WESK  DAY 1, Reception

64.  Danielle Graff, WESK Chair  Reception

65.  Jill Poulton, WESK Past Chair  Reception

66.  Mona Bates, WESK  Reception

66.  Josie Fries, WESK  Reception

67.  Talitha McCloskey, Co-Founder RaiseHer Community  DAY 1

68.  Skylar Gerard, Co-Founder RaiseHer Community  DAY 1

69. Kerri Howell, Chief Brand Officer & Storyteller, Economic Development Regina  DAY 1

70. Mona Bates, WESK  DAY 1

74.  Kimberly McDougall, Credit Union Deposit Guarantee SK  3-DAY VIP

75.  Leigh Kaufmann, Senger Kaufmann CMA  DAY 1 & Reception

76.  Val Sluth, Praxis Consulting  Reception

77.  Jennifer Brooks, Chair, SEDA Board of Directors  DAY 1

78.  Kathleen Stelter, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

79.  Jennifer Oo, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

80.  Tracy Carnahan, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

81.  Ashley Craig, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

82.  Brenda Maximuik, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

83.  Erin Thompson, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

84.  Lesley Clark, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

85.  Terry Matties, SaskBuilds  DAY 1

86.  Susan Bater, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program Manager  DAY 1

87.  Eric Dillon, CEO, Conexus  Reception

88.  Jill Sauter, Jill Sauter Marketing & Communications, Seeds for Dreams  DAY 1

89.  Sherri Stephanson, Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting  DAY 1

90.  Cara Bahr, Community Engagement Manager  3-DAY VIP

91.  Jocelyn Tanner, P3Architecture  3-DAY VIP

92.  Kelly Champagne, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association  3-DAY VIP

93.  Loy Levesque, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association  3-DAY VIP

94.  Lisa Mitchell, University of Regina  Reception

95.  Monica Pollard, McKercher LLP  DAY 2

96.  Hyunjung Shin, University of Saskatchewan  3-DAY VIP

97.  Michelle Kupusa  Reception

98.  Amanda Carter  Reception

99.  Lisa Danyluk, SaskBuilds  DAY 2

100. Jill Zimmer, SaskBuilds  DAY 2

101. Ali Miller, SaskBuilds  DAY 2

102. Faye Nashi-Fehler, SaskBuilds  DAY 2

103. Silvia Koteva, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

104. Amanda Toth, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

105. Jen Martuo, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

106. Karen Cossitt, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

107. Joyce Sebastian, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

108. Sheryl Plysiuk-Kolish, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

109. Rabiya Abdulkadir, SaskBuilds  DAY 3

110. Jennifer Ehrmantraut, SaskBuilds DAY 3

111. Elissa Aitken, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Government Relations  3-DAY VIP

112. Roberta Engel, EVRAZ Place  3-DAY VIP

113. Amy Moats, EVRAZ Place  VIP, Reception

114. Sandra Jackle, EVRAZ Place,  VIP, Reception

115. Chelsea Galloway, EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

116. Reagan Lowe, EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

117. Erin Benz-Chicoine,  EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

118. Sinead Tierney, EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

119. Cindy Michel, EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

120. Nicole Haynes, Conexus Credit Union,  DAY 1, DAY 2

121. Natasha Paulsen, Conexus Credit Union  DAY 1, DAY 2

122. Kailyn Carter, Conexus Credit Union  DAY 1, DAY 2

123. Jillian Bernard, Conexus Credit Union  DAY 1

124. Steph England, Conexus Credit Union DAY 2

129. Jim Hopson, Director, SaskPower  Reception

130. Troy King, CFO, SaskPower  VIP, Reception

131. Tim Eckel, VP Environment and Asset Management, SaskPower  VIP, Reception

132. Rachelle Verret-Morphy, VP Corporate Counsel and Stakeholder Engagement, SaskPower  VIP, Reception

133. Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel, SaskPower Board of Directors  Reception

134. Debbie Nielsen, SaskPower 3-DAY VIP

135. Brenda Youle, SaskPower VIP

136. Randeen Kaczmar, SaskPower VIP

137. Nanette Salamon, SaskPower 3-DAY VIP

138. Jillian Zorn, SaskPower VIP

139. Chelsea Selby, SaskPower VIP

140. Rhea Brown, SaskPower 3-DAY VIP

141. Justine Esplen, Luther College at the University of Regina  DAY 1

142. Malvina Rapko, Cultural Bridges  DAY 1, Reception, DAY 2

143. Trina Kistner, Director, Business Development, Sun Life Financial  DAY 2, DAY 3

144. Susan Hoffart, Manager Wealth Support, Thrive Wealth Management 3-DAY VIP

145. Sandy Baumgartner, CEO Saskatchewan Science Centre  DAY 2, DAY 3

146. Tracey Fraser, Office Manager / Hi-Tec Profiles  DAY 2

147. Kathy McNutt, University of Regina  DAY 1, Reception

148. Dr. Vianne Timmons, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Regina  Reception

149. Lori Bresciani, Councillor, City of Regina  Reception

150. Veronica Bendig, McKercher LLP Chief Operating Officer  DAY 2

151. Stacey Pronych, Status of Women SK  3-DAY VIP

152. Alyssa Melnyk, Castlemain Group  3-DAY VIP

153. Amanda Acorn, EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

154. Alison Byrne, EVRAZ Place  DAY 1

155. Amanda Perrot, Grounded Goodness  DAY 2

156. Tiffany Wolf, Grounded Goodness  DAY 2

157. Adrienne Perrot, Grounded Goodness  DAY 2

158. Angie Hicks, Grounded Goodness  DAY 2

159. Jackie Boyenko, Grounded Goodness  DAY 2

160. Corliss Rassyle, Corliss Co. Consulting Inc.  DAY 1, DAY 2

161. Sara Steiner, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

162. Rhonda Laing, Western Economic Diversification Canada  3-DAY VIP

163. Tracy Naka, Executive Director-Brightwater Senior Living  DAY 2

164. Tara Fuchs, Senior Geologist Storage & Production/ Saskenergy & TransGas  DAY 1

165.  Kayla Demars-Krentz, Managing Partner - KDK Legal Professional Corporation - OutofCourtDivorce.com  DAY 1

166. Monica Wahba, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

167. Nataliia Petryshyn, SaskPower 3-DAY VIP

168. Jaala Woolsey, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

169. Sydney Schutz, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

170. Rose Santos, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

171. Zenia Birnie, SaskPower 3-DAY VIP

172. Nidal Dabghi, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

173. Ryan Neufeld, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

174. Katherine Gagne, Junior Achievement  DAY 3

175.  Taylor Moore, Field Coordinator - PCL  DAY 1

176.  Kelsey Silzer, Project Coordinator - PCL  DAY 1

177.  Chelsea Jakubowski, HRPD Coordinator - PCLDAY 1

178.  Alana Folk, Project Coordinator - PCL  DAY 1

179.  Michelle Stapleton, Project Coordinator - PCL  DAY 3

180.  Brooke Crawford, Administrative Assistant - PCL  DAY 3

181.  Nivine Guindy, Estimator - PCL Construction Management Inc.  DAY 3

182.  Paige Tkachuk, Field Coordinator - PCL  DAY 3

183. Crystal Lawrek, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

184. Jody Eckert, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

185. Leanne Curtin, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

186. Leea Boxall, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

187. Stacey Kazakoff, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

188. Michelle Podaima, SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

189. SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

190. SaskPower  3-DAY VIP

191. Kaitlyn Hebert, Lumeca Health  3-DAY VIP

192.  Barb McGrath, Above the Fold  DAY 1



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"Never has there been a better time to be a female leader in Canada!"

The time to act is now.  

We must know what it is we want both individually and collectively

with clear targets, a mobilization path and a plan to get there. 

We must clearly and concisely communicate and ask for what we need. 

The importance of convening powerful women for a specific purpose has never been greater. 

It is time to coordinate and communicate our action for its highest impact. 

WE are the leaders we have been waiting for.

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