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Wendy Turner-Larsen

Wendy Turner-Larsen believes in bringing miracles into the mainstream.

As an insightful Psychologist, Coach, Facilitator + Speaker, Wendy guides women to lead from their core where the power of the mind, the wisdom of intuition, and the possibility of the human spirit powerfully intersect to amplify impact.



There is a new way emerging, a path that is calling both men and women to lead their lives and organizations differently.

What if we led from our core? With the power of the mind + wisdom of intuition + possibility of the human spirit?

What might be possible?

Leadership ‘is’ connection.

I'll say it again:



Fear of missing out is more than the pull to Social Media. It goes much deeper.

When we don’t really believe we have value, we attempt to get it externally, and we long for connection. In this case, we do it through social media.

It’s a double-edged sword. We are pulled to social media for connection and validation, and then others’ posts sometimes diminish our connection and validation. Their lives look perfect!

The key is to:

(1) Recognize you have value and work on that;

(2) Understand that you will get ‘triggered’ by other people’s public presentation. Avoid some of the sites or feeds that trigger you.

(3) Work on why you get triggered. What you are telling yourself? This is the root of ‘fear of missing out’ - your beliefs!

Watch the interview for more insights and tips.


Moving you from a world of ‘should's’ into a world of modern-day miracles. 

In Wendy’s upcoming book, designed and written for women, she guides readers into a journey of deeper self-understanding.

With a holistic perspective, she shares wisdom, insights, practical exercises and tools for whole-being living - mind, body and spirit - to help readers see the YOU beneath the surface, your light, and your shadow and helps to unravel all that gets in your way so you can become who you really are. 


Wendy integrates her 30 years of education and experience with her passion for knowledge to create coaching and training programs that help women leaders to identify their barriers and move through them with deepened self-compassion, utilizing neuroscience tools to connect clients with their highest purpose.

As a Psychologist, a Certified Professional Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Brain Nutritionist, Wendy combines the exploration of human behavior, psychology, spirituality and leadership coaching in the culmination of her powerful work. She holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology, Adult Education (Leadership), Health and Nutrition Education (Brain Science), and is the only Canadian practitioner with robust training and experience in cutting-edge brain health and nutrition model that allows leaders greater ease, focus and calm.

Wendy's Leadership Pillar: Connection


The Courageous Edge for Women Leaders

Wendy looks forward to bringing this powerful program to high-level women leaders, assisting them to access the power of the mind and their intuition and elevate their leadership potential.

“Becoming You” (working title, available Spring 2020)

Become the YOU, you’ve created, to become the real you. In her upcoming book, Wendy brings ‘gold’ nuggets from personal development, psychology, leadership, and spirituality together in a comprehensive, powerful manual for women to remove barriers and elevate lives.

Personal Excellence for Women, Workshop and Power Circle Groups

Wendy’s proven program has shaped the lives of many women. This transformative program helps women move through barriers and elevate how they live and lead. A new focus will be on young, emerging women leaders to help them identify barriers and move forward. Click here for upcoming October 21 & 22 workshop info and here for upcoming group coaching opportunity.

Leadership Development Training and Coaching

Wendy and her team of experts deliver robust training and coaching to business clients. With a focus on personal leadership, their programs and coaching transform organizational culture.


“Wendy is a very passionate and engaging facilitator.  

The course focused on “Excellence”. Not excellence in an excelling sense, but from a sense of within. Knowing yourself. Listening to yourself. Caring for yourself. We had discussions re: our personal values, priorities, and goals. This led to Self-Defeating Thinking, and the cycle of how this affects our priorities. She included some relaxation/meditation techniques, as well as brain health information. We worked on how to create a Healthy Belief Cycle. In order to achieve this, we needed to learn about Self-Assertiveness, Boundaries, and Managing Stress. I appreciate your words, I and can't tell how much I enjoyed the class. I learned so so much.” 

Senior Leader

“Where do I begin….

As an accredited coach, I know the value of coaching, whether one-on-one, group or team, so when the opportunity became available to have Wendy facilitate group coaching for several women in my department I was quite excited. What we experienced, what we shared, and what I observed were impactful changes in terms of accelerated confidence in self, enhanced trust with each other, increased comfort in knowing and setting boundaries, and finally a concerted effort in making time for self.  

I now have a truly positive and confident group of women in various roles of leadership willing to take on almost anything expected of them. The feedback from the individuals was extremely positive, both in having the opportunity to participate in the coaching program, as well as having the opportunity so early on in their career!” 

Senior Leader

"I completed the Personal Excellence Program for Women Leaders during a period of intense change at work. 

In addition to providing real tools and support for navigating the challenges of the professional world, the insight and focus on the self as a whole has had a profound impact on me personally.

The journey of self-development is a long and winding road, and this program has been an invaluable guide. With these tools and practices, I feel like I've become more of "myself." 

Senior Leader

"The blinders came off when I started working with Wendy Turner-Larsen.

She helped me to see what I couldn’t, understand who I am and build skills I didn’t have. She taught me how to suspend judgement, recognize when my ego was demanding attention, when I felt insecure and what to do about it. These are but a few of Wendy’s many gifts.  

When I compare who I was with who I am today, I am humbled by the transformational change in the way I think and behave and grateful for whatever fate connected Wendy and I."

Senior Leader

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