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Wendy Turner-Larsen

Wendy Turner-Larsen believes in bringing miracles into the mainstream.

As an insightful Psychologist, Coach, Facilitator + Speaker, Wendy guides women to lead from their core where the power of the mind, the wisdom of intuition, and the possibility of the human spirit powerfully intersect to amplify impact.



There’s a new way emerging, a path that is calling leaders - both men and women - to lead their lives and organizations in a different way. What if we led from our core, with the power of the mind, the wisdom of intuition and the possibility of the human spirit? What is possible?

Leadership ‘is’ connection. Connection to yourself, to the Divine within and then to others. We talk a lot about leadership know how, strategies and competencies, but I want to talk about WHY connection is the foundation of Leadership and the key to building a Higher Level of Leadership our society craves.

"Doing is never enough if you neglect being." - Eckhart Tolle

Where do we begin?

Tune in to transform.


Bring your whole self to Leadership.

Connection to Self requires many things. One powerful aspect is the power of the mind, accessing this, utilizing neuroscience to create breakthrough for yourself and create more possibility.

Connection to the Divine is accessing your intuition, your higher self, your human spirit to become all that you are and create possibility in your life and leadership.

Connection to Others pulls deeply from our connection to Self and the Divine, creating relationships that are real, vulnerable and powerful. This is the action of leadership. Connection to others through your Courageous Edge.

Watch the video above for more insights and tips from Wendy during her talk at our Regina Leadership Accelerator.


Imagine a world where women knew they were enough and lived from that place, as opposed to a place where they were always striving “to be more.”

In her upcoming book, Wendy taps into psychology, personal development, neuroscience, brain nutrition, hypnotherapy and spiritual development to illuminate that path. Part story, part manual, part workbook, she has created a tool for powerful transformation.

Designed and written especially for women, BECOMING YOU provides readers with information and knowledge, guiding you into a journey of deeper self-understanding, that will assist you to explore and reflect on yourself and your life and move you out of a world of should's into a world of possibilities.

MORE ABOUT Wendy Turner-Larsen:

Wendy integrates her 30 years of education and experience with her passion for knowledge to create coaching and training programs that help women leaders to identify their barriers and move through them with deepened self-compassion, utilizing neuroscience tools to connect clients with their highest purpose.

As a Psychologist, a Certified Professional Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Brain Nutritionist, Wendy combines the exploration of human behavior, psychology, spirituality and leadership coaching in the culmination of her powerful work. She holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology, Adult Education (Leadership), Health and Nutrition Education (Brain Science), and is the only Canadian practitioner with robust training and experience in cutting-edge brain health and nutrition model that allows leaders greater ease, focus and calm.

Wendy's Leadership Pillars

What's Next?

The Courageous Edge for Women Leaders

Coming in 2020, The Courageous Edge program calls women leaders to be more, to lead from all of who they are by accessing the power of the mind and their intuitive wisdom to elevate their full leadership potential. What is your Courageous Edge?

Personal Excellence for Women | The Inside Game of Leadership

Personal Excellence for Women focuses on YOU. A higher level of leadership begins with a solid connection of awareness with yourself, and then identifying and moving through self-imposed barriers and beliefs. Through the small group process with other like-minded women and 1:1 coaching connections, women are guided to connect more deeply with themselves.

Contact Wendy for next group sessions, pricing and how you can access the government training grant to receive a huge discount.

Leadership Development Training and Coaching

Wendy and her team of experts deliver robust training and coaching to small to medium businesses and non profit organizations.

With a focus on the exploration of personal leadership through the modalities of Emotional Intelligence, Coaching Skills for Leaders, and Personal Excellence for Women and Leaders, their programs transform leaders and organizational culture.

Decades of leadership and combined coaching experience and several Masters Degrees have Wendy's team well-equipped to deliver high-value programs.

Learn more about how to save up to  83% of the costs of any one of these programs through a government training grant.

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