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WOMEN BUILT2SCALE REGINA | Friday, September 28 Workshops to Stretch + Grow as a Leader

“I cannot expect my business to grow by 30% if I am not ready and willing to grow by 30% as a leader!”  What are YOU ready for?

I heard this quote a few months ago (paraphrased slightly), and it  resonated deeply.  The WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Accelerator Series has been developed as a catalyst for this very purpose.

Women’s events are great to network and get inspired, but we need more!  We are dedicated to providing an opportunity to dig deeper – deeper connections, conversations, and commitments to move you forward – faster – with greater impact and influence.


BUILT2SCALE Breakfast + Leader Development Workshop |  8-11 am, doors open 7:30 am

Location:  PATH cowork, 1965 Broad Street, 2nd Floor – includes coffee & light breakfast

A 3-Hour, Fast-Paced + Facilitated Morning Workshop to Scale Your Business, Influence + Impact as Canadian Woman Who Leads

What does it take to SCALE? 

Clarity, a Strong Leader Brand, and the Ability to Confidently SPEAK! about it!

Facilitator:  Charlene SanJenko, Builder of Strong Women Who Lead

HOUR 1:  What are you ready for?  How do you get there? 

Clarity.  Let’s dig in.  The PowHERhouse Playbook guides our process + progress.

HOUR 2:  Who are you as a leader?  What is the impact you are looking to make?  

Your Leader Brand:  Let’s build it out with PowHERhouse’s Top 3 visibility tactics + create your Fall 2019 Visibility Plan.

HOUR 3:  How do you want to be known in the world?  Are you ready to SPEAK about it? 

Confidently speak about YOU!  Refine your introduction and practice a perfect pitch that feels real, relevant, authentic + powHERful.

Personal Development + Mindset Workshop |  1:30-4 pm

Vines That Bind Us | Vibes That Free Us 

Location:  Queen City Collective, 2054 Broad Street, 2nd Floor.  Meet our Venue Host, Christina Carlson

Facilitators:  Colleen Preston & Charlene SanJenko

Do you feel want more energy and fulfillment in your life? Do you crave greater results and traction in your business? Are you struggling with focus and procrastination?

This mindset + motivation workshop explores leader well-being and being well.  It encourages inquiry into where you are in life and why.

  • Discover what vines are and how they affect your business life.
  • Gain clarity around your goals and dreams.
  • Improve your mindset and determine your motivation.
  • Leave with a plan and tools for overcoming vines, creating positive vibes and attracting who and what you are truly ready for next!  Your life awaits you! 

INVESTMENT:  $139 per workshop

ATTEND BOTH WORKSHOPS AND SAVE!  $229 for both workshops.  Register now to save!

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