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2018 PowHERreads: The Year You FINALLY Write Your Book!

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Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO, PowHERhouse Media Group

So this is the year you finally write your book, or was that what you said last year?

  • What does it take to finally get 'pen to paper'?  We ask Canadian female authors to share their experience, strategy and get-it-done success tips.
  • What should know before even starting?  And for that matter, where do I even start?
  • And most importantly, what the heck do you do with your book once you're done to actually get it into the hands of appreciative readers?

I want to talk to women walking my path, slightly ahead of me or perhaps in this case, a few chapters.  What can I learn from them?  How can I be most efficient and effective?  Are there any short-cuts or time-savers I should be aware of?  We don't know unless we talk about it.  So, let's talk!

In last month's webinar, we talked about the important of VISIBILITY in order for women to scale their growth and impact.  Writing a book and getting it out to the world are definitely part of that.

Are you ready to be bigger, bolder, braver - to be EPIC?  Meet our WOMENBUILT2SCALE webinar special guests below.

Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Founder + CEO

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Sybil twitter image

Sybil Verch

The Female Edge

There’s a new bottom line in business today: women add value and increase profitability.  Companies and organizations are actively recruiting women for senior leadership roles but are having a hard time finding them.  That’s your female edge – all you need to do is step up, stand tall and make sure you’re ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Confidence and desire play a huge part, but so do the inherent strengths that women bring to every workplace—empathy, conservatism, intuition, collaboration and the desire to help others.  How can you put those to work for you?

Corina - hand on hip

Corina Walsh

The Engaged Employee Blueprint

Engaging employees is an enormous challenge for companies and their leaders, costing employers hundreds of billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and crippling innovation.  

The Engaged Employee Blueprint offers an actionable framework that can be used to create the kind of workplace where employees can't wait to come to work every day, including six extended case studies from award-winning companies that solved common problems related to employee engagement and gained a competitive advantage by making workplace culture a top priority. 

Erin grey suit cropped

Erin Thorp

Inside Out Empathy

Explore the underestimated superpower essential for building, developing, and inspiring a rock-solid team. 

It’s time for a new vision of leadership, one with more heart, more connection, more honesty, and deeper vulnerability.  Whether you have been newly promoted to a leadership position or have been in the seat for many years, there is something for everyone in this book.  It will challenge you to learn new skills, dare you to try new approaches, and demand that you open up to vulnerability like you’ve probably never done. 


Zena square

Zena Amundsen

The Heart of Your Money

A Woman's Guide-How to Create Your Family Financial Values System and Take Control of Your Money.

Women are embracing the journey of being responsible for managing our family's income, savings, and expenses.  We need to change the perception of financial planning advice to include the reality of the power money has on our family's values and beliefs.  Learn how to tap into your own money power, and lead your family to financial success.  You deserve more information, more guidance, more control, and a heart-centred value system for financial management.


YLS-260 (Small)

Tina Overbury

TINAO - Core Story Coach, Instructor - Publish, LEAP Learning Lab

If you truly want to be seen you need to be heard. Your book connects with your talk which leads to your online program. Together this is the platform of your story, and it all begins with your book. 
People read good books but they talk about great books, and then they buy, gift and refer others to exceptional books. Since you are going to spend countless hours and dollars writing, editing and marketing your book, make it an exceptional one. These are the five ingredients of an exceptional book: clarity, stakes, experiential, measurable story arc and humanity. Most self-published business books lead with humanity or clarity and sometimes (but rarely) both. They hardly ever include all five ingredients. I'm a core story specialist and helping people write exceptional books is what I do. 
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