A wonderful day of inspiration and connection was had at Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa at our Victoria PowHERlunch.

Thanks to Lorraine Scollan, our videographer.

PowHERhouse Lunch VICTORIA JUNE 20 2018 SOLD OUT (Large)

Wednesday, June 20

1:30-3:30 pm, doors open at 1:00 pm

3:30-5:30 pm  Spa,marina or deck-side activities , optional

PowHERhouse convenes a dynamic cross-section of powHERful women for a specific purpose:  We build strong women who lead, encouraging them to scale their growth, impact and influence as Canadian leaders.  We encourage women to step-up their leadership game in business, community and life, but do we spend enough time exploring the HOW? 

PowHERhouse does:

  • Our 2018 events theme is On the Brink of Greatness.  Each PowHERlunch profiles positive, relatable local roles models who demonstrate what is possible and share leadership takeaways that can be implemented immediately.
  • Our June 20th PowHERlunch will feature a facilitated PowHERpanel focused on ‘Action4Traction’.  Guests will be encouraged beforehand to come with questions they’d like to see discussed.
  • The panel will include 'Tabletalks', mini-mastermind sessions where you can deep-dive with other participants and discuss you own situation and what you need to move forward.
  • Each participant will walk away with a tool called the PowHERhouse Playbook that will encourage follow-up and forward momentum as well as setting an accountability goal with someone you meet at the lunch.  View the Playbook here.

What sets a PowHERhouse women's events apart from the myriad of invitations and scheduling requests you receive?

  • Our guests hear about our events through intentional invitations, strategic referrals and personal introductions.  We pride ourselves in the quality and calibre of the women we surround ourselves with.
  • Speakers and panelists share not only their personal stories and lessons learned, but also real, relevant tips, tools, strategies and best practices that you can implement immediately.  They role model what is possible and inspire others to be EPIC!
  • Each event experience is completely mindful of your time and energy, running efficiently and effectively and leaving you wanting more.  With new connections from a unique cross-section of leaders from business, sport, the arts and community leadership and multiple perspectives which create an energy that leaves you buzzing, open to opportunity and READY .

RSVP list

  1. Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder & CEO
  2. Sandy Powlik, PowHERhouse Media & Musician - TBC
  3. Colleen Peston, Oasis Personal Training, Development & Retreats on the Sunshine Coast
  4. Dana Caple, PowHERhouse Media - tbc
  5. Renu Bawa, Clinical Counsellor, Health & Wellness Consultant, Venue Host @ Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa
  6. Liza Rogers, Women's Real Estate Network
  7. Robin Farrell, MC, Ocean 98.5 FM Host, The Morning Show with Robin & AJ
  8. Kari-Lyn Owen2elev8 Leadership Inc.
  9. Rani Earnhart, Chair Fair Vote Canada Victoria Chapter; I am a passionate social activist working to make the world a better place for myself and my children
  10. Cheri Crause, Realtor/Developer; I've grown from a CFP to a successful Real Estate investor, realtor and new apartment building developer
  11. Sharon Marshall, Owner/Operator - Virtual eAdmin
  12. Sue Maitland, Best Rest of Your Life Coaching; I'm a speaker, workshop leader and ICF-accredited coach and I help professionals make inspired and fulfilling life & career transitions
  13. Laureen Nowlan Card, Transformations & Transitions Life Coaching; I create safe spaces for women to speak their truth, step into their greatness, and be the leaders the world needs
  14. Wendy Foster, momondays Nanaimo; I am an advocate for Mental Wealth who provides a platform for people to be seen, heard, and understood
  15. Dawn Nickel, Founder, SHE RECOVERS
  16. Lennor Stieda, Caring, creative, Great-Grandmother
  17. Jacqueline Jim, Teacher, Advocate of Indigenous first languages and soccer lover
  18. Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Health, A heart-centred girl who wants to help others add days to their life and life to their days
  19. Liz Parsons, Heavenspa owner
  20. Dr. Jane Vermeulen, I am a veterinarian, mother, founder of Vets for Pets Victoria and organizer of Women's Campaign School
  21. Krystal Bertrand, Arbonne Independent Consultant
  22. Erin Acton, Business Coach/Erin Acton Coaching, I help business owners take their business to the next level. Stop dreaming about it, ACT ON it
  23. Heather Cameron, more details to come
  24. Milica Ivaz, Financial Planner/Investors Group
  25. Lianne Waters, Financial Planner/Investors Group
  26. Catherine Harrower, Volunteer supervisor, volunteer tutor
  27. Mia Frankl, I work in municipal government, volunteer in my community and am partnered with a powHERful woman leading change through real estate in Victoria and beyond
  28. Sandra Baron, Partner, Portside Marina Ltd., A Metis woman passionate to share how we each can live sustainably
  29. Shannon Waters, I am a bridgewalker for healing between Western and Indigenous worlds
  30. Cindy Samoil, Sales, Innovior Construction
  31. Laurel Walton Jurgeneit, Senior marketing and operations leader and coach
  32. Cheryl Serpanchy, Hubba Network Services
  33. - 40. Ocean 98.5 guests:  Shaleena & guest, Cathi & guest, Vanessa & guest and Des & guest

Further event details will be available shortly regarding additional add-on afternoon activities of your choice:  spa, marina or poolside networking.  All PowHERlunch guests will receive a special incentive.


PowHERhouse is a Mobilizer of strong women who lead in Canada.  We create opportunities for women leaders to access what they need to amplify their impact.   powHERhouse.com

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