Upcoming feature interview: Sandy Reimer, YWCA

In our upcoming Summer 2015 issue of PowHERhouse, we discuss the integration of Lifestyle + Leadership with Sandy Reimer, YWCA Vancouver Health & Fitness Director as well as some of her own tips and strategies to stay powHERful. We’re excited – from the ‘front lines’ – so to speak.


“Years ago in fitness we trained the body in specific muscles groups. Then we came to a greater understanding of fascia and that all systems and muscles are always working together.  We began to change the way we program exercise to provide stability, mobility and functionality of the body.

It’s a great metaphor for life.  All aspects of our lives are connected and intertwined.  It’s important to integrate all the parts to make a better whole.  The same goes for supporting women – at the YWCA we deliver a range of services – from affordable housing, childcare, and employment programs and of course, health and wellness, we provide options for women to find balance in their lives and work towards economic independence.”


~ Sandy Reimer, YWCA Health & Fitness Director

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