Tracy Gray, Connection Coach & Equine Educator

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Tracy Gray invites you, your kiddos & your family to RE-wild your life. 

She holds space for you to get up close and personal with a horse that’s been hand selected just for YOU.  She teaches you how to WALK amongst them, BE-ing YOU with THEM, surrounded by the beauty of NATURE.  She will provide you opportunities to practice honing your intuition, clarifying your intention, listening deeply to what the horses have to offer in return.

She will coach you in Leading with your Heart.

The opportunities for Learning, Growing, Playing & Healing along the way are endless....

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~ Anais Nin

Tracy Gray of Healing with Horses ~ helps humans to LIVE, LOVE and LEAD with our Hearts.

Tracy combines her life-long fascination with horses and her knack for bridging the horse-human gap into powerful horse-wisdom sessions.  The results?

* a PowHERful Mind, Body, Soul impacting experience
* Clarity, Insights & Integration tools to take away
* Sacred space held to explore, create, play, and BE with horses
* a deeper sense of knowing that will impact ALL areas of your life
* Grounding rituals and energy healing techniques to release what’s no longer needed
* Strategies and tools to integrate the horse wisdom gained into your REAL life

Deeply engaging opportunities for powerfully potent connections with self, horses, each other and the natural world.

Tracy's unique differentiators in horsemanship and human growth through connection include:

  • Employing horses as guides and teachers; their very nature boosts personal development and healing in humans.
  • Accessing our strengths and integrating the knowing deeply into our bodies through guided facilitation
  • Translating wisdom from the horse world to those seeking clarity, connection, alignment, and freedom
  • Creating sacred space for children, youth, and families to interact intentionally & intuitively with a horse uniquely chosen just for them
Tracy is preparing for a late MAY launch of her NEW website and upcoming spring/summer offerings.
Her ASK is this:
* SUPPORT her upcoming LAUNCH with comments, shares, tips and feedback along the way. (We're stronger together!!)
* SHARE the Wild, Wise & Free Summer Retreat registration on Facebook & in your email list with women YOU know who would benefit from:
3 days of deep, meaningful RE-connecting
- Reclaiming their Freedom & Recalibrating their soul
- A blend of inspired play-shops, up close and personal horse wisdom experiences plus nourishing wide open spaces for sharing uninterrupted conversations with soul sisters, or napping under a tree.

"Tracy, you offer a safe, understanding and supportive place to grow.  You make uncomfortable questions easy to ask and are gifted in the art of a very honest yet tactful response.
You are earthy, strong and truthful.
You have a great sense of humour!
Working with you and the horses (I noticed) calls a person to deep listening quite instantly.  Your words are careful, thoughtful and simple.  I felt safe to let go.  

I knew you had my best interest at heart." 

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