Tracy Gray, Connection Coach & Equine Educator

Tracy Gray, Connection Coach & Equine Educator

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Tracy Gray (and some pretty amazing horses) invites you to RE-CONNECT and RE-WILD your life.

We are wired for growth; connection is key.  

It's HOW we grow and WHY we're here.

The world invites us all too often to mask our wounds and sensitivities in order to survive.  In doing so, we DIS-CONNECT - the opposite of thriving.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~ Anais Nin

Tracy Gray, Coaching from the Core, combines her life-long fascination with horses and her knack for bridging the horse-human gap.  The result?  Deeply engaging opportunities for powerfully potent connections with Self, horses, others and the natural world.

See what is obscured, receive sentient wisdom and expand beyond your current limitations.  

Connection like you've never experienced before! 

Tracy's unique differentiators in horsemanship and human growth through connection include:

  • Employing horses as guides to aid in personal development and healing in humans.
  • A social worker for the heart - offering clarity, training, guidance and community.
  • Translating wisdom from the horse world to those ready to amp up their capacity for connection - personally, in their families and throughout their personal and professional relationships.
Tracy is preparing for a late Spring RE-launch into a focused community of personal developers, growth-minded mavens, and the evolving world of online-coaching and program building.  Like many expanding entrepreneurs, she's about the barter and trade and sees some BIG value in the powHERhouse community.  If there are graphic designers, videographers or web design dynamo's in the community that wish to trade for some unique equine experiences during this GROWTH & EXPANSION period, please connect with her!  She'd be honored to share in each other's talents.

Tracy also invites you to spread the word.  Let's share each others magic.  This uniquely powerful modality of CONNECTION may be just what someone else is craving.

"Tracy, you offer a safe, understanding and supportive place to grow.  You make uncomfortable questions easy to ask and are gifted in the art of a very honest yet tactful response.
You are earthy, strong and truthful.
You have a great sense of humour!
Working with you and the horses (I noticed) calls a person to deep listening quite instantly.  Your words are careful, thoughtful and simple.  I felt safe to let go.  

I knew you had my best interest at heart." 

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