Top Summer Design Trends

Rebecca Bertrand’s Top Summer Design Trends

We are seeing a strong influence in trends coming from Europe where eclectic is in.  European design really highlights two schools of thought:  One school being simple with soft features, lots of texture and monochromatic colours; the other being bold and edgy.  With whichever branch you prefer, the key is to not go overboard.  The good news is that eclectic can go either route, depending on the pieces that you select.  Whatever your choice, use only one or two design trends for each space to keep it simple.  For example, if you want to mix metals go for it, but not every type of metal needs to be in the space.  Let’s revise the old adage K.I.S.S. and modify it to remind us that when designing a space Keep It Simple & Stylish (K.I.S.S).

No matter what the trend, be sure to always create a space that is balanced and most importantly, where you love to be!

With the help of some local Interior Designers, here are some great tips to stay on trend for the summer design season.

1.       Mismatched dining chairs

“Eclectic chairs keeps things interesting.” (BW)

By mixing classic styles, you can create a unique look that feels as though the space has still been designed and yet is cohesive and balanced.  A mix of colours or styles can be playful.

2.       Stone-look tiles

“Using ceramic tiles with a stone-look instead of the real deal.  The products used to look synthetic, but have come a long way.  It’s a great way to save money and still look authentic.” (MJID)

3.       Neon word lights

The idea here is “taking common once-tacky things and tweaking them to be cool.”  (BW)

It’s really using these items in a modern way.   They become conversation pieces or works of art and also create ambient lighting at the same time.
















4.       Gold is back & mixed metals

Using copper and bronze or brass & brushed stainless (for example) can work well together.  “Gold is back in style, especially on accent items like faucets and lighting.” (JD & TG)






5.       Dark navy or black walls

“A stunning new design trend that creates rich exciting spaces is incorporating dark navy or black walls.” (TG) These colours are wonderful in a dining area combined with warm woods or white furniture to provide contrast in a pleasing way.



6.       Re-purposed shelving

Reuse old pipes and planks to create really unique shelving.  We are seeing this trend in commercial design, but it can also be used effectively for home storage solutions.








7.       Stripes

We are especially seeing black & white or navy & white combinations used for toss cushions, area rugs, side chairs and even as wall covering with large vertical stripes.  Bold and sassy, this is a fun way to add punch to your room.

Tip:  The most effective way to use these big stripes is for only one or two accent pieces.


An immense thank you to the following amazing Vancouver based designers who helped with these exciting tips on what is trending in design.

BW = Bryony Wright , Design Principal at Bryony Wright Design  

JD = Jamie Deck, Owner & Director of Shift Interiors 

MJID = Monica Jeffers, Design Principal at MJID 

TG = Tara Griggsmiller, Senior Designer at Box Interiors 

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