Artist of Impact Tina Overbury Opens FireCircle - One Family with OMYGOD

“I light three fires. One to wake me up. One to keep me from going crazy, and one to keep me warm. I’m off to Ireland for my birthday. There. I’ve said it. Now you know. I’m not sticking around for a party. I’m going to Ireland instead. 

I don’t know why. Well I do know, but it doesn’t make sense. It’s like I’ve been called to go. So I’m going. And I’m going to be 50 right? So who cares what you think.” - an excerpt from Tina Overbury’s Solo Show OMYGod  

PowHERhouse Impact Media Group is pleased to announce Storyteller and Artist of Impact Tina Overbury will be opening FireCircle-ONE FAMILY with a digital performance of her solo-show: OMYGod, a mythical and redemptive tale about the women we burned, the children we buried, and the gods we have worshipped to the detriment of living as one family. Tina Overbury’s OMYGod opens the FireCircle in the spirit of restorative justice, reconciliation, and as a bridge-builder between cultures.

Writer/Performer Tina Overbury invites us in on her comedic and harrowing journey through time following the modern-day making of a madwoman. An 8-year-old girl looks for her Mom in a place called Inglenook while her 49-year-old self, a reliable chronic second-guesser goes all-in on the eve of her 50th birthday to follow a call to lay Brigid’s cross on the ground where 800  'Home Babies' lay in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. We are greeted and frequented by The Morrigan, a triple essence Irish deity of prophecy, battle and sovereignty who shows up to warn and warm up by the fire. OMYGod is a feminist, and non-denominational tromp through history, offering stories of witches, dragons, ravens, and willow trees about a woman in a red dress and a little girl who just wants to know where her home is.

Tina Overbury is an Artist of Impact with PowHERhouse media group. She is Playwright and a storyteller who works with narrative and story structure as a vehicle for human connection. She roots herself in Myth, Mysticism, and a personal practice of faith. As a proud associate of PowHERhouse Media Group, she is a Co-Host of GATHER for HER where she listens and story gathers from and for the integrated leaders of tomorrow and the Artists for Impact of today.

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FireCircle - ONE FAMILY is a three-day, online global gathering, bridging Indigenous wisdom and awareness within a western world. As a bi-annual immersive and interactive, deep listening event, up to 250 leaders will gather around a virtual fire to explore the question: What happens when we remember we are one family?  

PowHERhouse Impact Media Group is an Indigenous-owned house of leaders for global impact who utilizes the influence of media for the impact and beat of their drum. As an organization they:

  • Partner with conscious organizations ready to weave their efforts for greater impact
  • Create and leverage the re-imagined power of media to change the narrative for HER: Human Expansion Realized.
  • Prepare whole leaders who are ready for the fire of our time.

FireCircle - ONE FAMILY runs April 15th - 17th and is the beginning of a nine-year journey of eighteen intentional virtual fires where conscious leaders gather to collect the wisdom we need to realize the 2030 global sustainability goals and vision we have. The event features performers, conversationalists, and panelists: Mark Brand, Tina Overbury, Ecko Aleck, James Gardiner, Nicollette Richer, Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Willow and Ben Smith, and is facilitated and hosted by: Charlene SanJenko, Christina Benty, and Sharon Marshall. 

To attend the opening night performance of OMYGod and to contribute to the FireCircle 2021 - ONE FAMILY conversation, click here.

See you at the fire. 

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