FireCircle 2021: One Family | Meet Ticia Heward

PowHERhouse Welcomes Legacy-of-Impact Leader, Ticia Heward, to FireCircle 2021, One Family

PowHERhouse Impact Media Group is committed to consciously and deliberately walking towards the world we want by 2030 through the amplification, preparation, and activation of global leaders supporting the realization of the UN-2030 agenda.

Ticia Heward is passionately carrying forward her father’s legacy of stewarding the Earth’s most precious resource, water. 

Leading up to our April 15-17, 2021 FireCircle, One Family, which marks the third of twenty consecutive semi-annual gatherings over the next nine years, we are pleased to welcome Ticia to the fire. Ticia’s gifting has led her to lead in the areas of strategic partnerships, revenue generation, business development, and capital fundraising. She is now excited to scale Legacy Watercare Innovations Ltd., with a vision to be the North American Leader in wastewater innovation and solutions. 

Meet Ticia Heward

Ticia's roots are in Saskatchewan where she was born and raised.

She currently lives in Regina, but her husband's work in professional sports will take them stateside part of the year where she is excited to grow Legacy's sales and operations. What you might not know about Ticia is that I have made a hockey home for my husband Jamie and our two children Irelyn and Blake, in 18 cities over the last 30 years. Yes, 18!

Every city I have lived in I have been blessed with connection.  I met amazingly strong women who shared wisdom with me, so I could thrive in each new city we called home. We bonded with open hearts and hands at each other's backs, supporting one another. From the coachs' wives, players' wives to neighbours and new friends -  we became ONE family. To me, family is built with open hearts and unconditional love. The bond of family grows stronger with storytelling - knowledge passed down from those who walked before us. Whether it was one hockey season or two, in each city I lived in, this is a thread that still connects me to each of those women.

If I pinned on a map, all the places I have called home and weaved a thread from Regina where I was born all the way to Las Vegas where our hockey home is now, the pattern reminds me of a dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers are considered a symbol of oneness among numerous Indigenous cultures and regions. The shape of the dreamcatcher is circular because it represents the circle of life.

Imagine your life’s journey and the women you have met. Her story woven together with your own, surrounded by a circle, with gems that are all the good times and hopeful dreams and feathers that represent ladders climbed to achieve greater things, together. The knots - think of those as the amazing women who have touched your life, making the thread stronger, by sharing their wisdom and supporting you with their hands and their hearts. Can you see One Family?

Charlene (1)

"Ticia is an amazing Legacy-of-Impact leader. She walks her talk. Strategic partnerships are not something she 'does', but rather are a lens through which she moves in the world. It is my pleasure to walk closely beside Ticia as scales her father's legacy in to create a sustainable solution for an element that is the fundamental basis of all life. I am honoured to sit on the board of Project PowHER Play, and excited to the ripples of impact we will co-create in the future through the deliberate weaving of our gifting."

~ Charlene SanJenko, Impact Media Producer 

Why Legacy?

Legacy naturally intrigues me. For me, is about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future. Exploring the idea of legacy offers a glimpse not only into human relationships and building strong communities, but also the human spirit. I named our family’s cleantech start-up Legacy Watercare to leave a footprint for future generations to follow. Being a water woman and a wisdom keeper is an honour that I am growing into here in Treaty 4 Territory in B-Say-Tah, SK, home of the nêhiyawak, Anihšināpēk, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda, and the homeland of the Métis/Michif Nation. 

Why Water?

I have always felt a strong, mysterious connection to water. This essential element at sustains and connects all of life, yet it is a finite resource. We all need to steward this precious gift.

Why Women? 

Sisterhood is also a sacred gift. My journey is one of sourcing a forgotten sisterhood. I will stand with HER, and together we will rise into the art of feminine leadership. My steps toward in truth will be seen as reconciliation-in-action. I will leave a footprint for HER, the women of tomorrow, our daughters who will follow for generations to come. 

Why Wisdom?

Powerful, nurturing, fierce, raw compassionate wisdom dwells in every footprint we leave. Mentoring others through storytelling reclaims that knowing and reveals beauty, strength, and grace from within.

How are you leading beyond belief towards the world we want by 2030?

Water is in crisis, and She is whispering to me. Flowing at my core, there is an inner knowing with indigenous roots. I am opening up my heart to my sacred feminine power to allow the element of water to guide me, allowing me to emerge, to become a water woman and wisdom-keeper for this sacred gift. I will share how the world around us can be interconnected in a holistic way by water.

How does your work help to heal the humans of this planet and what do you need us to know about it?

Water is necessary for chemical reactions that occur at the cellular level. It is the medium where the exchange of information between us and all living things is braided into a hydrological cycle. To pass along the knowledge of how to care for water is essential for all food production and all of life’s ecosystems. I believe that clean water is the foundation of healthy communities. Legacy Watercare and our Project: PowHER Play will educate, inspire and mobilize women across the country, through individual and collective action, to protect and clean water, now and for future generations. 

What's next for you that we can place our focus, attention, and energy on to support?

I will continue to innovate in the cleantech space and forge partnerships that work toward the future of resiliency for water. We all need to place our focus on the generations of tomorrow by stewarding social and environmental progress in the communities where we live, work, and do business through education on how to care for water as an essential factor for all food production and all of life’s ecosystems. Conservation and advocacy is the first step.


Ticia will be participating in our April 15-17, 2021 FireCircle gathering. Please be sure to introduce yourself, say hello, and connect.


Join us at the FireCircle:  Lead, Beyond Belief: ONE FAMILY

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