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Thoughts from… The Soul of Money

An amazing friend of mine recommended that I read Lynne Twist’s “The Soul of Money“.  I have to tell you, it was no coincidence.  After just finishing reading another recommendation, “Ripples from the Zambezi” by Ernesto Sirolli, I was eager to dig in.  Here’s a quote that I have to share:

(Lynne is reminiscing hearing futurist and humanist, R. Buckmister (“Bucky”) Fuller back in the 70’s.) 

“I was riveted by his talk and the distinctions he was making… he said that for centuries, perhaps thousands of years we have lived in the belief that there’s not enough to go around, and that we need to fight and compete to garner those resources for ourselves.  Perhaps it had been a valid perception at one time… but that this point in history – in the 1970’s – … there was actually enough for everyone everywhere to meet or even surpass their needs to live a reasonably healthy, productive life.  This moment represented a dramatic breakthrough in the evolution of civilization and humankind, he said… It meant we could move from a you-or-me world to a you-and-me world.

This new threshold completely changes the game, and it would take fifty years, he predicted (Char: which would make it 2020), for us to make the necessary adjustments in our world so we could move from a you-or-me paradigm to a you-and-me paradigm, a paradigm that says the world can work for everyone with no one and nothing left out… It would take decades for us to make the adjustment, but if and when we did, we would enter an age, a time, and a world in which the very fundamental ways we perceive and think about ourselves and the world we live in would be so transformed that it would be recognizable.

That moment of profound recognition has never left me.”

Me too.

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