Sybil Verch | Game Changer

Sybil Verch_headshot

Sybil is a game changer, a champion of financial and female empowerment looking to change the status quo, shift the way we do business and make a difference.


“Conceive, Believe, Achieve” –  Napoleon Hill

Sybil is a Senior Vice President and National Director of Wealth Management, TV Host and Executive Producer of The Wealthy Life, Author, Speaker, Leader, Philanthropist and Advocate for financial literacy, gender equality and female empowerment. She has a BComm, CIWM, FCSI and CIM and was one of Vancouver Island’s Top 40 Under 40 and Business Person of the Year (2014).


Sybils's unique differentiators are:

  • Get-it-Done Girl – “I take action, I walk the walk, I don't just talk the talk”
  • Problem Solver – “I figure it out. I don't take no for an answer unless I agree with the reason.”
  • Game Changer – “I’m looking to change the status quo. Women represent 50 per cent of the population, we should represent 50 per cent of leadership roles.”




I am a national financial educator driven to empower women both financially and beyond. I want to see more females in the business. I want to help people change for the better. I put others first, lead by example and wear many hats, but my priorities all align and tie into female empowerment.
I would love to bring awareness to opportunities and inspire people to take action, increase financial literacy across Canada, attract more women to the financial services industry and see true equality. Beyond financial, I aim to empower and inspire women to raise their hand, think big, seize opportunities.
I encourage you to read my book (The Female Edge), to tune in to my show (The Wealthy Life) and connect with me today for exponential empowerment, equality and financial growth.


“’Channel your inner Sybil’ – this is actually a sticky note on my mirror to remind myself to be a confident, driven, passionate and kind woman as you are on a daily basis. I also say this when I need courage to be brave in taking control of my life. There are not words to express my appreciation for all the opportunities you gave me over the last year. You are a force to be reckoned with. You truly do inspire everyone you are around.” – Brienne