Suzanne Solsona | Founder & CEO, MYMAYU

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For the past nine years Suzanne Solsona has been a full-time stay at home mamma and entrepreneur.  These two things allow her to pursue her goals of creating a minimalist lifestyle for her family and others.

Suzanne's desire is to empower people to make value-aligned choices to lead more connected lives -  connected to people in their communities, friends, nature, and family as opposed to technological gadgets.

"We still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly."

- Margaret Atwood

In 2013, Suzanne founded MYMAYU, a company focusing on innovative, multi-functional outdoor gear for people wanting to Just Be. Outside.™  Suzanne loves spending time outdoors with her two boys.  She grew up camping and hiking in the Canadian Rockies and knows the value of good outdoor gear for herself as well as her children.  From experience, she also knows the importance of nature play and, as a mother has witnessed her kids 'climbing the walls' on a rainy day.  No wonder she is on a mission to get kids outside!

Suzanne has an LLB from UBC and graduated with distinction with a BA in Communications and Spanish from the University of Calgary.  She practised law as a civil litigator for eight years in Vancouver and is versed in commercial and corporate law, employment law and insurance law.  Suzanne is passionate entrepreneurship and about the role of women in society.  Living a life in which adventure is the norm - in her leisure moments, you can find her running the North Shore trails, travelling and honing her photography skills.

She was recently a speaker at She Ventures in Vancouver and a finalist of the Camber Outdoors Pitchfest in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Suzanne was one of the speakers in October 2016 at the TEDxGastownWomen event where she talked about social media and its affects on self-esteem and was one of 10 semi-finalists in last fall's FWE Pitch for the Purse.

Suzanne's unique differentiators are:

  • I am a lawyer turned entrepreneur and dedicated parent to two little boys.
  • I am driven by minimalism, connection and justice.
  • I strive to maintain authenticity and value alignment in family, work and play.
  • As women, we don't have to play by the rules.  We can try to change them and if it's not worth it, move on.
  • I have highly honed mediation skills.
  • I strive to ensure people can come together and find common ground.  I seek compromise without compromising myself.



Suzanne is ready to engage with audiences across Canada to talk about the many facets being a 45 year old former lawyer, turned entrepreneur.  As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast and mama to two little boys, being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry is no easy feat.  Add in the fact that society is changing faster than we can even comprehend, and it's one interesting life!
"I am setting out to become a speaker known for honesty, vulnerability and thought-provocation."
Learn more about Suzanne on this podcast interview.


"Suzanne speaks with honesty, passion and an energy that makes an audience instantly comfortable.  Suzanne has drive and yet a unique, down-to-earth spirit that makes her magnetic when people engage with her or hear her speak.

You won't get a canned speech from Suzanne, you'll get authenticity and soul."

- Brittany Whitmore, Founder & Executive Director, TEDxGastownWomen