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There is nothing I could have done to prevent this crisis.

But what I do have in my control is what “I do as I be” – during this chaos.

Live my legacy and lead for her.

With the grocery shelves empty and toilet paper crisis, it has me thinking about supply and demand.  What can I give to fill the gap? Where do I get my supply?

Why do I feel like I am being called to something?



I was born for this!

This moment.

Right here, Right now.

To share the gift of wisdom passed down from HER. I have a gift I can give. So do you! As daughters, we received that gift from HER.

It is called wisdom. Magic happens when supply meets demand.

Think of “supply” as availability of wisdom and willingness to share all that we have learned with other human beings. Now “demand” as the need for that wisdom in everyday life.  The willingness to learn and grow from that sharing  - that is the ‘Supply Chain of Wisdom’.

But when I look at the tribe of women all around us, is the chain is broken? Is it effective? Think of the supply chain of wisdom as it relates to our personal lives? our businesses? And, how about the communities where we live?

PowHERhouse is the supply chain.

SHE is wise because of HER.  We have so much ‘under-utilized wisdom’ floating around in our minds, like embers.  Now is the time to use those embers and spark a new conversation. Let’s feed the fire.

Most often it is only when circumstances or crises arise that we tap into our wisdom. If we don’t identify and respond to those circumstances, that wisdom remains a floating ember in our minds… and will eventually burn out.  So let’s ignite this next chapter for HER together.


Ticia Heward is a community-minded, internationally travelled, Certified Coach Practitioner, Fundraising Executive, Partnership Expert, Hockey (Coach’s) wife x Hockey Mom who is a lead consultant in the social impact arena. She specializes in growing small business and non-profit organizations with PowHERplay development strategies across Western Canada.

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