Strong Mothers = Strong Families ~ A Testimonial for CSJ (Charlene SanJenko) from Tara O’Kane

tara 1“I have incubated these words for some time now.  Because when a person like Charlene asks you to provide a testimonial you feel a sense of honour and of responsibility to ensure that what is communicated is authentic, real and from the heart.

My journey alongside Charlene began a few moons ago.  I was a thirty something young women on fire for health and fitness and seeking some motivation, guidance and real science.  I found Charlene in a little gym backing onto the Fraser River in New Westminster, BC.

What I remember most about Charlene when I first met her was her sense of purpose and drive.  She knew big things were planned for her and her faith and sense of resolve would get her there.  She was  bravely intuitive in letting go of the need to control how she thought things should be.  She was doing the internal work, setting the external stage and trusting that the stars would align.  I also was drawn to Char’s deep sense of connection with others.  She was aware that you could make shopping lists and training schedules until you were blue in the face, but if a person’s sense of worthiness, belonging and love was lacking then it would all be for naught.  This was the missing piece for me!  I had struggled in my 20’s with those feelings of not being pretty enough, thin enough, just enough.  Charlene met me where I was and was a catalyst for learning to love myself just as I was.

tara 2Now, at this time in my life I am a mother, a massage therapist, and quiet encourager.  I know who I am and have a sense of faith and purpose that my journey is just as it should be.  I often think of Charlene and our times together, what I learned, how we laughed, how we uplifted and supported.  I look to her still to this day for inspiration and motivation through her online endeavors and our brief yet meaningful connections.  I am forever grateful for her gift of friendship.  I honour her path, her light and her love in this world.

So why is Charlene is a master of her trade, why does she ‘get it’, why you should bring her into your life?  She is all in.  She is ready to move alongside you, support you with an energy that will facilitate your journey back to authentic self.  Charlene will be the catalyst for change you have been looking for.

If you have been craving to see your smiling self again, get up and take the first step towards him or her. They are waiting for you.  They have always been waiting for you, with open arms.”


Thank you T. You are such an amazing lady. So much love to you, always.



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  1. Selina L Williams on March 2, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    So beautifully said, if I could have captured The essence of Char so eloquently I would have submit a testimonial…..

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