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Wedding Preparation | Planning for Your Worry-Free, Special Day

With so much energy and emotion invested into wedding preparation for your special day, it can be overwhelming.

As you hire your services – your make-up artist, hairstylist, photographer, caterer, wedding coordinator and others – you’re creating a community to help you with your special day.

As your makeup artist, my goal is not only to have you looking flawless on your big day, but to also be right there with you to ensure it is stress free.

I was just in the Dominican Republic where you see numerous destination weddings; some held right on the sandy beaches.  As I was walking by one ceremony, I was thinking if it were me what would be some of the things I would be concerned with:  Getting sand or dirt on my dress if I had a long train, the wind (as it can get very windy there), my hair holding its special style ….  The heat.  Is my makeup going to last throughout the event?  Do I need a second pair of shoes?

Regardless if you’re having a destination wedding or getting married right at home, these are small but very crucial details I would tend to, helping to create your memorable and worry-free day.

Desiree Ellis is a Freelance Make-up artist and Bridle Preparation + Readiness Coach.  

View Desiree’s Women WE Celebrate profile here.

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