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The Story of a Serial Dieter. Can You Relate?

002Hello my name is Dina, and I am a serial dieter.


A statement that I am sure many of you have made at some point in your lives as well.  I was 13 when I went on my first ‘diet’ as I lived in a house with a mother who was overweight, and some would say obese.  I would watch as she hid food and snuck ‘forbidden’ treats late at night when she thought no one would hear or see.  I thought that this behaviour was normal and common place.  Isn’t this the kind of “healthy” relationship we are supposed to have with our food?


I can lose weight, I have many, many times, more times than I can count, but keeping it off and believing that I deserve to be healthy and happy has been another story.



As some of you may know, I am a Public Relations Consultant for a boutique PR agency in Vancouver called a Cue Creative Consulting.  We have been working, collaborating and connecting with PowHERhouse for quite some time now.  I have been able to see firsthand the positive effects that having a supportive network of like-minded women can have not only on your business, but for a powHERful way of life.


So, when Charlene offered me this opportunity to participate in her 12-week Transformation Program, I knew I had to jump on it.  Learning how to incorporate work, maintain a life balance and discover that eating healthy and exercising is not a punishment, but a gift to give to your healthy self, is just priceless for any working woman trying to find more time and energy daily. I guess you could say, these new ways of thinking and living would be my cause for taking this program but that would only be partly correct.  I am also attempting to conquer one of my lifelong nemesis’s this coming March 2015, I am going to be running my very first 8 km race in New Orleans.


005Anyone who knows me knows that the idea of me becoming a runner would be a completely farfetched concept, never mind a reality for me.  But, I am here to say that ways of thinking and perceptions are made to be broken, and better yet, transformed into something much more positive.  So, as a means of keeping me accountable and committed to this cause, I want to invite you all to come along on my personal journey of self-discovery and transformation.  I will be blogging about my successes, failures, experiences and struggles not only with this program but along my entire training journey to New Orleans Spring of 2015.


They say a journey begins with just one step; please come along as I embrace one stride at a time.

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  1. Theresa on October 28, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    your a string woman, you CAN and WILL do this, enjoy!

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