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#NotetoSelf, the common thread weaving women together…

PowHERhouse is tying the commonality of each woman’s story collectively into the tapestry of a powHERfully supported community where inspiration leads to action through the vehicle of PowHER TV.

I was recently asked how did my concept for PowHER TV come to be?

steely-notetoself#NotetoSelf began years ago, quite literally with a note to myself.  Not your usual reminder to ‘take out garbage’, ‘deposit check’, or  ‘pick up milk’,  but rather a deep cry out from my soul to try to find just one thing that I could like about myself.  Just one.  This challenge came at a very dark time when I found myself quite without hope that one day ‘loving myself’ (as everyone else around me seemed able to do) would not be so elusive and unnatural.  But before I could get to a place of loving myself, I somehow instinctively knew that I somehow had to hate myself and my body a whole lot less or I was going to ruin my life through self-sabotage and self-destruction.  This pattern of really bad choices had begun years prior, and had come from a deep-rooted and very dark place.  These notes to myself were my spirit’s attempt at self-therapy.  It was a tough challenge to identify and change that devastating and self-sabotaging inner dialogue.  It took a lot of words of encouragement from myself to myself in the form of physical reminders so I could see them again and again.  These ‘notes’ – along with many tears – became my healing over the years as a wrestled with this process alone, and somehow I was able to slowly journey through the painful transformation from self-hate to self-love through the power of these ‘notes-to-self’.

Over the years, my #NotetoSelf process has evolved.  My invented self-therapy started as childish red scribbles on my bathroom mirror using my least favourite coloured lip-liner, with messages such as ‘Your toes are pretty’, ‘One day he will notice’, You are better than this shitty feeling’, ‘He said voluptuous not fat’, ‘You will be great for you are great already’.  Soon replacing the mirror and lip-liner scratches were more and more written notes which could be found in my wallet, on the dash of my car, papering my hallway walls.  Thank God for these gems which were so hard to write and so helpful to me.  These golden nuggets were a way to keep unfamiliar statements of self-love in my face and accessible all the time, all the time, especially in the most fragile public moments when I needed them most.  These notes were deep, powHERful and positive.  They could quiet my head, silence my ego chatter and reach my wounded soul and spirit to give me the strength to surpass my times of insecurity.  This ‘note-to-self’ ritual has made a huge impact on my healing over these years, and has become a joyous habitual, grounding ritual, much like deep-breathing.  It has become part of my daily self-honoring of love and learning in all that I do.  Yup, I am the #NotetoSelf Queen.

#NoteToSelf has become my go-to for journaling, creative writing and speech writing.  A kaleidoscope of many-coloured Post-its line my office walls, desk and fridge.  They say that you are 42% more likely to have information ‘stick’ and be able to recall it when it’s written down.  I know this to be true.  To this day you can still find them in my glove box, my purse, and gym bag because I never know when they will need a reminder for myself or when I will be inspired to stick a gift of a little golden nugget of wisdom to a stranger on their car.  (Yes I have done that).

A few years ago I went through another dark time and was using social media as a way to fuel my healing.  I began, rather organically, posting a daily #NotetoSelf.  Using the hashtag as a reminder to myself to aim higher, be happier, focus on positive, be strong and overcome.  I did this almost daily in an attempt to lift my spirits and regain inner strength in order to pull out of life’s challenges and a severe depression.  People began to thank me for these notes, asking me ‘how did you know this is just what I needed to hear today, Steely?’.  Truth is, I didn’t.  All I knew was that I desperately needed it – I did it for me not for anyone else.  If it happened to resonate with someone else, well that was a bonus.  The inspirations I was posting were what I desperately needed to hear to lift me out of my own darkness.  However, doing this publicly began to stir my creativity.  There was something energetic surrounding these little notes, but the ‘what or why’ still remained unclear.

Fast forward to Charlene SanJenko and I chatting about a TV show idea which quickly and suddenly was happening.  It was being offered to me.  And it required content.  Charlene asked me what my segment would look like, and for weeks I had no answer for her.  It seemed the other host’s segments were magically coming together, yet I had nothing.  Insecurity and self-doubt began to flood back, and self-sabotage chatter clamored at me chatter  for days.  To combat the rising panic, I posted notes to myself on my desk, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Pinterest, varying degrees of “yes-you-can” messages that were screaming at me daily! They must have screamed in unison this one particular day because several Post-it notes fell from my desk wall onto my computer as I was typing and SUDDENLY it was crystal clear! I knew what it would and could be and what it must be, my segment – #NotetoSelf.   It was so obvious.

I know first-hand how powHERful these notes were and still are in my life, in my healing and in my daily growth.  And I know how powHERful they can be in the lives of other women.  These daily reminders can kick-start perspective changes, ignite inner-strength, and build an impact in the lives of individual women by showing them they are not alone.  You are not alone!  A #NotetoSelf shifts the paradigm and ignites a vibration inside you, causing a ripple effect from within which taps into that energy of empowerment.

When a woman feels empowered, she empowers others.  When women come together the world changes.  Starting with a #NotetoSelf.

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