Steely Springham, Inspirational Conversationalist, Athlete & Accountability Coach

PowHERhouse recently had the opportunity to sit down with the bubbly and brilliant, Steely Springham.  Her energy is palpable, her heart is open ~ this lady is destined for the stars!  We are so thrilled to welcome Steely to our PowHERhouse family, and will be working closely with her as she moves her mission forward.


 “Conversation is a dying art, and more of us should take up art collecting.” ~ Steely Springham

Describe your Mission.

My mission is to always strive to reach for my higher purpose and my greater good. To be TRUE TO ME as I continue on my journey of empowerment. My mission is to continue to find daily inspiration, then take that which I have learned and empower others, especially women. Young women who are our future. My mission is to facilitate some kind of influence in the discovery for someone else that ‘they already are who they want to be… they simply need to make their choices match and align with their goals and dreams and settle for nothing less’. Should I choose to accept …. “er…I already did”.

Describe how you stay PowHERful and on the top of your game.

I utilize daily exercise as my therapy and stress release. I eat healthy, nutrient dense “REAL FOOD” prepared ahead of time which keeps me fueled, full of energy and at the top of my game. Organization is key to any success, but especially when it comes to your health and fitness goals.  I stay hydrated and supplement with the proper vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant supplements. I will not compromise when it comes to REST! Rest is when you repair, recoup, recover, recharge and grow. I float @ The Floathouse every second week for deep meditation and recovery. I do one yoga session weekly for my mind and soul.

I take deep breaths daily. I make time daily for ‘gratitude’ mediation. Make time for ‘me time’, ‘girlfriend time’, ‘family time’, ‘fun time & laughter. I surround myself with like-minded people and empowered women who do as I do in their own way and that is to #empower2empower #lift2lift each other. For you are only as great as those you surround yourself with.


What is your ultimate dream for your business/Mission and where you’d like to take it?

I have lofty dreams, I am Gemini, it’s the only way I know how to dream. I want to continue on my road as an ‘Inspirational Conversationalist’ in several media capacities.

I want to be inciting riots of conversation among women to draw them together collectively, and as a powerful, supportive community, working together to lift each other up.

Women need to empower each other for these are dangerously low times in society as a whole when it comes to females and disrespect.


Describe what success looks like.

Steely - competition shotSuccess looks like aligning with what serves your higher purpose and your greater good. Aligning with what you are most passionate about, with what brings you the greatest joy. Not talking ‘surface joy’! I am talking ‘SOUL-FULL JOY’.The kind of joy that is infectious like the plague. The kind that no matter what it is or isn’t happening to you or in your life, you remain ‘on fire’ in your life for yourself and for others! For when you align with what serves your higher purpose and your greater good, fueled by your passion for it and backed by your diligence to be successful in your life, You have succeeded! Then success breeds success.


Describe your success strategy in one sentence.

My success strategy is to live each day focusing ONLY on that which serves my higher purpose and my greater good. Breathe~feed~succeed = Mind~body~soul.


What are 3 things women could do NOW to unleash their confidence?

  1. Begin by creating NEW TRUTHFUL & POSITIVE INTERNAL conversations with yourself. THEN BEGIN TO repeat aloud to others with like-minded thinking and supportive, encouraging energy.
  2. Focus on what you TRULY DO want IN YOUR LIFE, not on what you don’t want or don’t have OR focus ON THE REASONS WHY YOU DON’T HAVE.
  3. Fill your conscious mind with what you want to manifest in your life. You are a product of what you ingest – mind, body and soul! So ingest positivity and you will digest positivity… you are what you eat – mind body & soul. Start by reading the book “Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. It is a game changer.

Read Steely’s full confidence article here.


What would you say your Top 3 Excellence Habits are (ie. habits that ensure your success).

Dream big. Set goals. Remain relentlessly positive, optmisitic & grateful while striving for them.

Steely Springham

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Describe your Top 3 Time Management Tips as they relate to your Mission.

To Do Lists. Prepare ahead of time. Prioritize.


Describe your Top 3 Consistency Tips as they relate to your Mission.

Train Hard ~ Live light ~ Love life.


Describe a favourite hobby or adventure.



Favourite energy meal or snack (healthy).

My own homemade Simple ‘n Easy Protein Bars, made from scratch.

Another favourite is my Convenient Eggwhite Muffins.


Top 3 supplement recommendations for women.

  1. Coenzyme Q10 supports heart function;
  2. Omega 3 fatty acids for hormone health; and,
  3. Glutamine is all about muscle recovery.

Read Steely’s full recommendations (and why) here.


Favourite indulgence or treat.

HANDS DOWN my re-feed meals, which are few and far between. They usually consist of either sushi or Kobe steak burger and yam fries with the occasional glass of dry red. Always followed by 85% dark chocolate.

Steely by fire

Top 3 things on your Bucket List.

1)      TRAVEL seeing the world while public speaking & doing talk radio

2)      Win my IFBB PRO CARD



What does giving back (fulfillment) look like to you?

It looks like what I am doing now and that is empowering others, both men and women, but on a grander more far- reaching scale.


I never leave home without my……..

Intentions set for the day woven with my sense of humor, optimism and gratitude.


What’s not being said?

I’m just like every other gal…

I was just a gal with big dreams riddled by bigger fears and doubts.  I let those fears and doubts fuel my decisions for years and that inhibited my success.  I was in my own way.  Fear makes you make wrong decisions. Lack of belief and lack of self-esteem fuels fears.  Women are riddled with this in silence.  The more power you give to fear, the more power fear has in your life.  The more power fear has in your life, the more you fear.  It is a vicious cycle.  It is so important for women to come together and start having CONVERSATIONS WITH THEMSELVES and WITH OTHER WOMEN.  Talk about this, discover that you are not alone, and that overcoming fear is possible. The words you choose IN YOUR SELF-TALK and OUTWARDLY WITH OTHERS,  dictate your success. Overcoming fear is a choice…. daily.  YES, YOU CAN… I DID!


What’s next for you as an athlete?

I am currently preparing for the 2015 BCABBA PROVINCIALS to re-qualify for CBBF Nationals. Unfortunately, I had a tumultuous year in 2014 personally, professionally and with my health which led to a poor prep season. I went from 2nd place (losing by one point) in 2013 Nationals to barely making it to stage in 2014 and placed 11th & 16th in my two categories. I am on a mission to re-gain my national status. I manifested an incredible team of women BY WAY OF MY NATUROPATH Doctor, my NEW FEMALE COACH AND my NEW TRAINING PARTNER (AND HER HUSBAND), PowHERhouse alliances & a few good men in ActivebodyNutrition to add such amazing quality to my career journey and to my personal life. I am blessed beyond word, on fire with my training & contest prep, being blessed daily professionally & personally – aligning with my higher purpose and my greater good. I am in love with life. Thanks to everyone:  family, friends, my coach, my training partners, ActiveBody Nutrition, PowHERhouse, Yoo Fitness, Dr. Kanwal and everyone who has supported me along my journey. Lets continue to be ‘ART COLLECTORS’ in the dying art of CONVERSATION.

START THEM! HAVE THEM! SHARE THEM! LETS #EMPOWER2EMPOWER & CONTINUE TO #LIFT2LIFT one another…. #trainhardlivelightlovelife      

Watch for Steely at public speaking events sharing her “Inspirational Conversation” about her story, journey and positive thought power.  PowHERhouse is honoured to be working with Steely moving forward to help her put some Muscle behind her Mission.  #womenwerepresent  #powHERfulwomen  #positiveplatform  #supportivecommunity





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