Steely Springham | Do you see what I see?

A cup containing 50 percent liquid can be viewed as half empty or half full.

Steely Springham | PowHERhouseHow you view this is based upon your individual perspective.  Your perspective directly affects your life experiences.  Through this visualization, I am inviting you to consider perhaps a new perspective on the traditional 1/2-glass concept.

I have never viewed the cup as half empty nor do I see it as half full.  At one time, I saw ‘room for more’ so I shouted “Fill up the cup!” and attempted to do so.  Repeatedly.  But what if you ‘fill up the cup’, as I so often did,  right to the rim and you find that you really want to keep pouring?

Deep down inside you want more!  Do you stop pouring because you reach the rim, settle and say “Well, I guess this is it…”, as I did each and every time?


Some say get a bigger cup! Sure, you can do that.   But the same thing will happen there as well.  You pour, you get to the rim, and you stop pouring…


My perspective changed at one point and I began to say … “Overfloweth the cup”!

Keep pouring!  So I did!

As I began to do this my eyes were opened even further!  An even deeper perspective evolved that was a huge GAMECHANGER for me.

I trust it will be for you as well.




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