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De-cluttering ideas for a fresh Spring

Spring Simplicity | PowHERhouse

Photography credit: Tracy Ayton Photography

“The more you have, the more occupied you are.  The less you have, the more free you are.” – Mother Theresa

Marie Kondo, the best-selling author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” tells us that before you start to de-clutter, it is important to “visualize your destination.”  This may seem like an overwhelming concept, but here are a few thoughts on how best to start this practice. 

  • Begin by sitting down in a space you love that calms you. 
  • Pour yourself of cup of tea, coffee or maybe a glass of pinot and take out your notebook. 
  • Write down key words or phrases such as “I would like to create space that is bright, clean, fresh, and full of life.”  Then ask yourself how you can achieve this in a way that is manageable. 
  • The next step is to come up with a plan with a reasonable deadline specific to your priorities.

I recently moved out of a condo and had to put my whole life in a 10’ x 20’ storage locker.  This was an incredible challenge for me.  I had to confront my passion (some might call it a mild hoarding tendency) for keeping too much stuff.  It was a real lesson in practicing another tip that Marie Kondo shares.  Ask yourself:  “Does this item spark joy?”  I won’t pretend to tell you that every paperclip I kept ‘sparked joy’, but I will tell you that what did create joy was my ability to give away three containers of paperclips, keeping only one.  The lesson here is to set realistic goals such as:  Can I get my three junk drawers down to one?  Can I donate one bag of clothes?  I guarantee that once the process is complete, not only will your space feel lighter, but you will too.

Spring Simplicity | PowHERhouseSpring is a time of renewal, revival, bright colours and fresh flowers.  It is a time to welcome new ideas and new energy into your home.  Here are a seven simple ways to renew your space this Spring without breaking your budget:

  1. Fresh cut flowers – immediately add life, colour and energy to your home.
  2. New toss cushions – one of the easiest ways to quickly change up a space by adding a pop of colour.
  3. De-clutterset goals, visualize and make a list of what you need to do to accomplish them.  Thinking outside the box can help:  Use a hanging door shoe organizer to put all of your cleaning products or electrical cords. Put all of your make-up brushes in a stylish container or all of your hair ties on a carabiner.  A great de-clutter idea from Pinterest – there are tons!
  4. Digitize – take a picture of a cherished item, and then you can give it away or sell it.  Shared by designer friend, Bryony Wright, with regards to letting something go that you love but no longer need.
  5. Update – change out old family photos for new ones.
  6. Refresh – with new paint or wallpaper.  Painting is the perfect way to rejuvenate affordably.  Wallpaper is back again, and there are some beautiful selections to choose from.
  7. Winter out/Summer in – pack up your winter duvet and replace it with lighter Spring bedding and towels.

Enjoy the process and find reward in the little (or perhaps the big) tasks that you take on to enjoy a lighthearted Spring bound to keep you happy in your home.


Spring Simplicity | PowHERhouse

Photography credit: Tracy Ayton Photography traceyaytonphotography.com

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