SPEAK to Lead | Leadership MasterClass featuring former mayor, Christina Benty

Are you a woman considering a leadership role in local government?

We hope your answer is YES!

We invite you to enjoy our SPEAK to Lead leadership masterclass with Charlene SanJenko and Christina Benty – former two-term Mayor of Golden, British Columbia.


Christina, why did you decide to run?

I believe that the political table should be a broad representation of your community.  I ran because I knew that my age and gender demographic was poorly represented.  I felt that I could learn how to do the job with the energy and the tenacity it required, and I was committed to learn.  I am passionate about inspiring leaders to first and foremost take their stewardship responsibility towards their own life seriously.  I am passionate about helping people get unstuck from their stories to see the value of the currency they bring to the world.  This is the ultimate asset management!

Why do you feel it is so important for women to find their voice and BE HEARD as decision-makers and leaders in their community?

We are not consumers.  We are citizens, and we all have a responsibility to create a better future for our community in numerous ways.  Women not only bring a wide-range of experiences to the table, they are inclined to be self-reflective, open to new ideas, and willing to change their mind in the light of other perspectives. They tend to be relational by nature and are likely to consider the long-term impacts of their decisions.  Their presence generates a civility, a dignity, and a respect for the office that may otherwise be missing.

I’m Charlene SanJenko, Program Director of a new blended learning opportunity called SPEAK in partnership with LEAP Learning Lab.  I am also a 2nd-term councillor for the Town of Gibsons.

One of my goals for SPEAK is to encourage more women across Canadian to put themselves forward as community leaders and decision-makers – whether it be in  government elections, on corporate and non-profit boards, ​in the workplace, or leading their own initiatives.  


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