Social Impact Marketing: Stop ‘Selling’ to Women and Participate in a Stronger Solution

Social Impact Marketing describes marketing and communications efforts that achieve both business goals and collective goals.

At PowHERhouse, we focus on Social Impact Marketing to achieve our Mission while at the same time providing tangible results for the businesses and brands we work with.

We use digital marketing, online communications and high-calibre events to connect brands with their target market – the Woman of the Household – and build meaningful, trusted relationships with potential customers and clients.

What?  We’ve stopped selling.  We simply provide solutions.

Using social media and grassroots engagement, we provide busy women with the SOLUTIONS they need for stronger bodies, business and lives.


Strong Women Build Strong CommunitiesWhy?  Strong women build strong families.  Strong families build strong communities.  Strong communities – both locally and globally – build a strong and positive future.

This is not a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must.  Our world needs us to make a difference, and PowHERhouse is dedicated to doing so by creating positive impact for brands and building strong communities.


How?  Deeply rooted in lifestyle management, leadership development and personal/professional motivation and performance, PowHERhouse meets women where they’re at.  They want to look and feel better.

And they need help to stay in the Practice (read: consistency) of Eating Well, Moving Often and Being Positive.  PowHERhouse maximizes earned relationships with target audiences and connects women with the SOLUTIONS they need to drive positive change ~ starting with themselves and radiating out from there.

Our deep expertise in both transformative change and social impact marketing breeds dynamic, motivating campaigns. Our ability to plan for and deliver quantifiable results makes us a powHERful partner with passion, energy and experience to meet the needs of today’s busiest women… delivering your brand narrative in a fully integrated and implementable way.  It’s about SOLUTIONS, not selling.


Are You a Potential Social Impact Marketing Partner for PowHERhouse?powherhouse-capacity-building-photo

  • You seek to create genuine win-win opportunities: investing is a tw0-way street

It is becoming more and more apparent that women invest in businesses and brands that invest in us.  Our time, energy and income are our most precious commodities.  You may momentarily grab our attention by flashing something sparkly, but we’re demanding more than that – we’re done with distractions.  If you are ready to demonstrate your genuine investment into our health and happiness, we are ready to listen to the solutions you have to make our lives easier.

  • You listen

We’re tired of the blah, blah, blah.  Take a breath!  We really don’t want to hear you selling anymore.  We are over-stimulated with messaging.  One consumer report states that we receive on average 247 messages per day (texts, phone calls, social media, emails, etc.) and over 3,000 ‘visual attacks’ daily (advertisements, spamming, unsolicited emails, outdoor marketing and signage, etc.) – no wonder we are disengaging and simply turning it off.

You’ve decided that you are ready to listen.  Great!  PowHERhouse is driven to providing women with innovative, easy and highly-interactive ways to provide feedback on what they actually want to receive in the way of solutions if and when they choose to do so.  The more you listen, the more feedback will be provided.

  • You are more motivated to support a positive social shift than simply selling your product or service

This is a tough-one, as we truly believe in a perfect world, it goes hand-in-hand.  If we can focus on creating and supporting a positive social shift with products and services focused on high-quality solutions, the sales take care of themselves.  It’s a dance; a cause and an effect.  We are elevating the world of advertising as we know it, and inviting YOU to be a pioneer.


Examples of our Social Impact Marketing work in progress…

PowHERhouse heralds the message of consistency.  PowHERful living and performing at our highest potential is a Practice.  We work with various Partners and continually connect the women in our growing and dynamic community with the support, solutions, tools and motivation they need to be successful – for the long haul.

Eat Well.

Working with #PowHERfuel Partners such as Holy Crap Cereal, Simply Protein and The Good Bean allows us to provide solid lean-eating meal ideas and snack solutions that focus on eating well, not dieting or deprivation.  We are able to teach women how to exchange ingredients in recipes they love to help their meals metabolize better while not sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

Are we looking to add to this list?  You bet!  Our work has only just begun.  It’s time to get women off the ‘diet wagon’ and onto more powHERful ways of fueling our bodies.

Move Often.

PowHERhouse is becoming known for our WARRIOR Workouts.  These highly efficient full-body routines can be done anywhere with minimal or no equipment.  Continuous movement from start to finish with a keen focus on form, mind-to-muscle connection, isolation and intensity.  Our PowHERwear Partners such as FIRMA Energywear and B Yoga encourage our opportunity to share routines that help women to feel stronger – in their bodies and their lives.  We build strong women one 30-minute workout at a time.  We are currently recruiting new #MoveMe Partners, including fitness equipment suppliers, women’s running shoes, head phones manufacturers and more as we prepare to offer our WARRIOR Workouts LIVE virtually in 2015, allowing accessibility anywhere in real time, as well as to take them on the road!  #MoveME, literally!

Be Positive.

Being positive is a choice that we make every day.  It’s not something that ‘just magically happens’.  It’s a perspective we choose and ownership we take of our thoughts, attitudes and actions.  As we Practice being positive each day, we role model what is possible.  A positive attitude originates with awareness, mindfulness and consistent connection with like-minded folks, our goals, values and opportunities that could catapult us forward.

Working with #InspireMe Partners such as Lost Arts Cafe (amazing hand-crafted journals!), a Cue Creative, and Live Well Yoga and creativity experts such as artists Marlene Lowden and Sandy Kay is such a pleasure.  They fuel our inspiration and support our quest for stories and various PowHERhouse feature interviews with female leaders and positive role models in the areas of sport, business, the arts and community leadership.

We look forward to building this important pillar of our Practice.  We believe inspirational women and their stories are the most potent ingredient of transformative change, and we are eagerly looking to meet #InspireMe Partners who feel the same!


PowHERhouse is on the leading edge of the evolution of communication with women.  We fully expect that our message, our Mission and our choices may not be for everyone.  But for those of you who are ready for us, we are ready for you as well!


PowHERhouse.  We Build Strong Women.


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