Simple ‘n Easy Protein Bars

Thanks to Steely Springham, PowHERhouse Confidence Coach & Women’s Supplement Consultant for this recipe.  We have a feeling it will be well-used!


Steely's Easy Homemade Protein Barspic2 tablespoons Adams natural chunky peanut butter

2 tablespoons coconut oil

*1/4 oatmeal or nutracleanse

2 scoops protein powder

*1/4 cup of any or all of these:

Dried coconut unsweetend no preservatives

Dried fruit, if you wish

Almonds or nuts, if you wish

Cocao nibs, if you wish

Remember the more dry ingredients, you add you may have to add more coconut oil.

In a non-stick pot on medium heat:

Melt pb & coconut oil, do not boil – just until its a soup consistency.

Turn of heat.  Then add dry ingredients stirring


The consistency will start to thicken and should easily pour out in a fairly thick paste that doesn’t stick to the pot.  If its still soupy, then you need more dry ingredients.  If its too thick, add coconut oil and turn heat back on stirring just to melt the oil then turn heat off.

Pour into a baking pan.

Place in freezer for a few hours then cut into squares and you have protein bars.

Keep them chilled as they will get soft or melt if left out in the heat.

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