SHELLEY HAYES | The Key to EPIC EmpowHERment Lies in Your Ability to ASK

Shelley HayesShelley Hayes, Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowerment Inc. will facilitate an intimate breakout discussion on the Key to EPIC EmpowHERment:  Your ability to ASK for what you want to get what you need.

We hear it over and over again:  Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Lean In, Believe in Yourself!  Is any of this really sinking in? Are we masters of moving ourselves forward through our ability to clearly, confidently and concisely ASK for what we want in order to get what we need or are we still floundering?  And where does the difference lie?  How do we move from one side of the line to the other?  What behaviours are holding us back?  What pitfalls do we fall into repeatedly?  Shelley will lead a conversation about EPIC EmpowHERment, connecting us back to our natural state of assertiveness by listening to our instincts and intuition to prepare us for our next powHERful ASK – and the next, and the next, and then next… 

Join Shelley and a small group of local #YYC PowHERhouses for a PowHERPOD session on Thursday, April 12 from noon-1:30 pm at the HAWORTH Showroom, Fifth Avenue Place, East Tower, 425 – 1st Street SW, Calgary.  A light lunch will be supplied.  This mini-mastermind provides the opportunity for our WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Accelerator participants to deep-dive into a particular topic with a focused conversation to deliver not only tangible and implementable outcomes but also budding new relationships with like-minded women on the same scaling-track you are on!


Three common challenges Shelley often hears from new and experienced female leaders are:

  1. How do I overcome the Imposter Syndrome and lack of confidence I know holds me back in my life?
  2. How can I learn to be an authentic, assertive leader?  How do I demonstrate accountability and practice holding necessary boundaries in order to be an effective leader?
  3. I have (or am ready for) a seat at the table, how do I learn to trust myself in order to embody the leader I want to be?

About Shelley:

Shelley is Co-Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowerment Inc., an Assertiveness and Self-Defence coaching, and training company.

She specializes in assertive communication, bullying prevention, healthy boundaries, conflict resolution, and accountability.  Shelley worked in HIV/AIDS services and human rights organizations prior to transitioning into corporate and healthcare realms where she developed corporate universities, multi-level leadership academies and lead efforts to improve employee culture and engagement.  Read Shelley’s full profile here.

About PowHERhouse and WOMEN BUILT2SCALE:

PowHERhouse is a national women’s media organization with a strong focus on social impact, providing a supportive ecosystem that creates positive systemic change in the lives of girls and women while acting as an educational and economic driver.  As a catalyst, conduit, curator and convener, PowHERhouse utilizes publications, partnerships, well-curated online content and strategic live events to mobilize more women forward – faster.  Behind everything we do is a solid women’s advocacy message and clear communication of our mission to rocket more women into influential, senior leadership roles – in organizations, on boards, in politics, and leading in global business headquartered in Canada.  Our Spring 2018 WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Calgary Accelerator Series is the current demonstration of our work in the world April 11-15.

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