Women WE Celebrate, leader development + visibility

A proven system and framework to elevate an emerging female leader's personal brand, increase visibility, and prepare them for their next opportunity with refined clarity and focus.  


Modules 3 & 4 of our Women WE Celebrate program continue to build momentum as participants work through exercises and engage in discussions around priorities, focus & filters, and their leadership buckets.

Each participant completes a time + energy audit, and self-awareness grows as we observe if where we place our focus is aligned with the experiences we say we want as leaders.

"If your life was a reality TV show, would what you say you what be completely obvious by your daily actions?"

PowHERhouse magazine is introduced, and each participant is encouraged to start thinking about how she would like to be positioned in the directory alongside other amazing Canadian women.

"Working with Charlene enabled me to focus my ideas and my purpose with my passion.  Her positive demeanor and enthusiasm for strengthening women's success gave me the confidence and assurance to find the right path in my own career choices.  Charlene provides just enough structure and accountability to allow you to grow and change without feeling overwhelmed.  She is a great force and a strong mentor." - Lisa Baylis