Thank you Regina for a wonderful WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Fall 2018 Accelerator! (September 25-28, 2018)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."Margaret Mead

160+ ACTIVATED Leaders!

88+ INSPIRED PowHERlunch Attendees!

50+ ACTIVATED VIP Reception Guests!

30  POD + WORKSHOP Participants!


The great conversations kicked off at Tuesday's Meet & Greet at Stone’s Throw Café.

Thank you, Women WE Celebrate Partner, Kim Zacaruk.

Zena Kim Brandi
Erin Kathryn b
Char Christine Kelly

I was looking for a collegial network of entrepreneurs and professionals to join and what I liked about PowHERhouse was that it wasn’t focused specifically on Regina - it was all across Canada - and they were speaking my language. There was accountability, challenges, straight-talk, and no fluff. - Kim Zacaruk, Stone’s Throw Café

Despite not one but two last-minute plan changes, Wednesday’s PowHERlunch was a heart-tugging smile-inducing affair.

Eye Inspire Events president and Access 7 TV host Lisa Peters led with a personal anecdote about leading by tuning into others, giving and receiving support when it counts and crossing the finish line (while she was six-months pregnant at the Lisbon Marathon, no less!).

Lisa Peters
Kathryn Pollack
Dianne Whelan

“When women are not represented, we all lose out."  - Kathryn Pollack

Next, Assistant Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy and Resources, Kathryn Pollack stepped up to remind the house, "When women are not represented, we all lose out." 

MAGIC happens in the periphery.... Last week was amazing. Thank you Charlene SanJenko and PowHERhouse for a great 3 days. My bucket was filled and I am inspired. So many Regina powHERhouses doing so many great things. - Kathryn Pollack, Ministry of Energy and Resources

"The old way is what you carry in your heart." - Dianne Whelan

Filmmaker/photographer/writer Dianne Whelan then wowed the crowd with her wisdom, art and words: "We are forest; below the surface all our roots are connected." Three and a half years into an epic journey traversing the world’s longest trail - filming all the way (500 Days in the Wild) - in search of ‘the lost wisdom,’ she reeled us in deeply by sharing some insight: “Everything that’s gone before us is within us, it’s in our DNA. The old way isn’t the way [you] travel; the old way is what you carry in your heart. Start really connecting with what’s important to you.” 

Dianne Whelan’s presentation was really fantastic and inspiring. Her presentation skills were admirable. I felt she really synthesized a lot of random thoughts that I’ve had over the last little while so it was really great. And hearing Tina [Beaudry-Mellor] list all those stats - it was good to hear. - Jocelyn Tanner, P3A

It’s definitely been inspiring. You can’t listen to presentations like [Whelan’s] and not think Yeah! I should do this! Why am I not putting myself out there more? In the construction industry its typical to be the only woman on site or in the room. It’s complete role-reversal and it’s amazing to see a group of women and how many amazing women there are in our community. And when you see them all together, we’re a force to be reckoned with! - Vanessa Kielback, P3A

PowHERhouse founder and CEO Charlene SanJenko closed lunch by revealing that it was Whelan who first connected SanJenko to her own Indigenous roots. This marked the third consecutive sold-out Regina PowHERlunch and first-ever and sold-out VIP reception. We could not be more grateful for the support, energy and inspiration provided. 

Charlene, thank you for leading the Regina event last month!  I am still thinking about it and following up on new connections that I made because of the lunch and reception. I feel you have created a refreshing approach to this conversation about women in leadership; I especially appreciate the focus and integration on women leaders from all sectors - corporate, entrepreneurship, public sector, politics. I look forward to next year. - Linda Allen-Hardisty, Allen-Hardisty Consulting & Coaching

Thursday started with two deep-dive mastermind sessions, PowHERpods, to encourage deep conversations and breakthroughs:

Mastermind #1: An Introspective Look at your Own Engagement: empowering you to find your voice and full value to create impact with WWC Kelly Beattie of Beyond Connections Consulting.

Mastermind #2: The Heart of Your Money: ‘real’ talk about money creating freedom, opportunity and peace of mind with your wealth with WWC Zena Amundsen of Astra Financial.

There were tears, laughs and aha's that keep aha-ing! Thank you all for participating, sharing and growing with us.

"There has never been a better time for you being a woman in leadership.

Get in the game!" - Honourable Tina Beaudry-Mellor

Thursday night's sold out reception, held at the University of Regina’s new College Avenue campus, did not disappoint. Dean of Business Administration, Gina Grandy, opened the event,  introducing the Honourable Tina Beaudry-Mellor who rallied, “If you want to get in the game, you better get off the sidelines. We have more male champions than ever before. Get in the game!

IMG_3460 (Medium)
Tina b
James VIP b

From left: C. SanJenko, T Beaudry-Mellor, J. Youck, J. Tanner, V. Kielback, M. Campbell

A heartfelt thank you to our key sponsor, P3Architecture Partnership, who came out in full force and support to several events with three lead female architects and partner James Youck. To hear Youck speak about leadership and his leaders:

“We are known for our work, but more important is how we affect our community. How can we influence our community in a positive way? Meghan, Jocelyn and Vanessa bring integrity, creativity and great drive to everything they undertake. I admire them very much.”

You are a generous person Charlene. Our leaders gained valuable wisdom at the PowHERhouse events and we are grateful to have had an opportunity to support this important movement. - James Youck, P3A

The Accelerator wrapped up on Friday with two intensive leadership workshops:

#1 Built2Scale: How to Scale Your Business, Influence + Impact as a Canadian Woman who Leads with PowHERhouse CEO & founder Charlene SanJenko

#2: Vines that Bind Us | Vibes that Free Us: a mindset + motivation workshop to explore leader well-being and being well with WWC Colleen Preston.

The week was one connection-inspiration-breakthrough after another. It was an incredible opportunity to stretch and move forward faster - both personally and professionally - together.


PowHERhouse is deeply committed to significantly increasing the number of Canadian women in key leadership positions by 2025.


Thank you to all our individual, academic and corporate partners who made this week such a fabulous success:

Hill and Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina; P3Architecture PartnershipDelta Hotels by Marriott ReginaQueen City Collective; PATH Cowork; WESK; BLG Business Solutions

PowHERhouse Power Pack | Western Canada Leadership Accelerator

Regina, September 25-27, 2019

CALL FOR PARTNERS!  Let's make it happen!

NOW is the time to have your voice heard.  In business, women are the new drivers, in politics - be engaged - by voting, helping with a campaign or running as a candidate. Our country is craving change.  WE are who we're been waiting for!  Through our collective powHER, individual contribution and positive leadership, the solutions to the biggest issues facing women and their families in Canada will be activated and accelerated.


PowHERhouse Power Pack | Western Canada Leadership Accelerator

Regina, September 25-27, 2019

Let's make it happen!  Ready?

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