Bringing the leaders of today through the fire of our times. 


FireCircle 2020, 9 am - 12 Noon, April 29th + May 1st, 2020.

Reclaiming Our Human Spirit | Uniting Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Leaders

APRIL 29th, 6:30-7:30 pm PDT, Feed The Fire: 

World Premiere, virtual staged reading of PowHERhouse CEO Charlene SanJenko's One Woman Show, followed by a talk-back session. Details here.


Each morning features three 45-minute focused + facilitated sessions with ample breaks!

APRIL 30th, 9 am - 12 Noon PDT, The Conversation: Reclaiming Our Human Spirit, gathering of self-identified leaders who are ready to kick-start this conversation to mobilize deliberate, intentional, and profoundly grounded action.  

MAY 1st, 9 am - 12 Noon PDT, The Path: Forward to IMPACT, intensive deep-dive workshop of non-typical, highly interactive, and facilitated exercises. Walk through a simple heart-centered strategy and progressive stretch-thinking to intensify clarity, stimulate co-creation and ignite purpose-driven conversation + creative collaboration. 


Facilitators image

Host: Charlene SanJenko. Co-Facilitator: Christina Benty. Story Tracker: Tina Overbury. Graphic Recorder: Sharon Marshall. Co-Facilitator: Kathryn Thomson.


Thursday morning, April 30

Welcome, land acknowledgment, grounding visualization

Community Leaders Panel: Jeremy Valeriote, Dianne Whelan, Brittney Ramsey, and Dr. Shannon Waters (tbc)

What does reclaiming our human spirit mean to you?

What are you noticing in your life, community, business or sector?

Facilitated small-group discussion pods and listening circle

What have I always known?

How has my life prepared me for this exact moment?

Self-reflection and journalling

Responsibility & Release Ritual & Closing Circle

Our common goal is a connected, sustainable Home, one community, one whole leader at a time.   


Friday morning, May 1

Welcome, land acknowledgment, grounding visualization

ASK HER | Spontaneous Panels of Registered Attendees

What do we need to 'Take Good Care' of - right now and next?

Facilitated small-group discussion pods and listening circles

Re-building Our Greatness Grid, pre-work required

  • 1 CONNECTION | I want to be seen. Who is one contact or connection you need to make in the next 90 days to help you move forward and why?
  • 1 CLARIFICATION | I need to know. What is one question you need clarification on in order to confidently move forward in the next 90 days and by whom (if possible)?
  • 1 CONVERSATION | Who do you need access to in the next 90 days that you could learn from, asking the question: “What’s my next step?” and telling them, “This is what I need next.” What’s currently not being said that may be holding you back?
  • 1 COMMITMENT | What is one personal commitment you are willing to make to something new or different in the next 90 days that you have perhaps been avoiding, playing small or holding back on in some way?

Re-convene and small-group facilitators share, attendees share themes in comments

Facilitated small-group discussion pods and listening circles


  • I | 1 clear and concise personal commitment to individual action in the next 90 days.
  • WE | 1 clear and concise group commitment to collective action in the next 90 days.
  • THEY | One clear and concise ASK to the ‘powers that be’ that would most shift the trajectory of the New Normal. What would that ASK be?

Re-convene and small-group facilitators share, attendees share themes in comments

What have we decided for HER?  What's next?

Closing Circle

Our common goal is a connected, sustainable Home, one community, one whole leader at a time.   

Welcome Attendees! Guest List + Industry, a running list ~

Co-Facilitators - see above

Small-group Facilitators

Kathryn Pollack - Praxis Consulting

Jasmine Kernaleguen - AMP Coaching & Consulting

Alyssa Melnyk - The Castlemain Group

Conversation-Starter Panelists

Jeremy Valeriote - Father, Environmental Engineer, Former Public Servant & Politician, Adventure Skier

Dr. Shannon Waters (tbc) - Indigenous Public Health + Preventative Physician, Communicator & Bridge Walker

Brittney Ramsay:- Mommy, wife, President/CEO + Vision Blazer, President & CEO, BRITT Land & Engagement

Dianne Whelan - Award-winning Canadian Filmmaker, Photographer, Author, Writer, and Speaker


Welcoming Attendees ...

Brigitte Rathje - Professional Services, Health & Wellness

Hillary Samson - Professional Services, Consulting & Transformation

Katrina German - Entrepreneur, Technology & Digital Strategy

Melanie Debassige - Energy & Resources

Karley Cunningham - Entrepreneur, Growth & Brand Strategist

Donna Beneteau - Energy & Resources

Cindy Frostad - Health/Social Services

Selena Bell - Tourism/Transportation

Dana Caple - Social Impact/Change-Maker

Karen Brodie Archibald - Arts/Community Leader

Melissa Estable - Housing Solutions

Ticia Heward - Strategic Partnerships Lead, PowHERhouse

Jillian Desautels - Event Management

Cindy Michel - Event Experiences

Jackie Pilon - Business & Government Relations

Sarah Fedirko - Community Relations & Volunteer Services

Marianne Bell - Personal Development & Strategy

Janie Perreault - RCMP

Nicolle Nattrass - Theatre and Counseling

Shirley Mitrou - Health/Social Services/Entrepreneur

Kim Blanchette - Professional Services, PR

Liza Rogers - Entrepreneur, Real Estate

Shasta Martinuk, Entrepreneur

Karen Chovan, Energy & Resources

David Carson, Stewardship & Forestry

Lynne Romano - Community Development Coordinator

Janice Iverson - Community Futures

Brenda Adams - Health/Social Services/Entrepreneur

Diane Travis - Health/Social Services/Entrepreneur

Angiola Oddo - Family Mediator

Rhonda Laing - Western Economic Diversification

Paula Haubrich - Professional Services

Rhonda Cwynar - Community Leader

Cathy Glasser - Manufacturing

Darnelda Siegers - Public Sector

Patty Smithkenny

Christine Brown - Public Sector

Sabeen Ahmad - Marketing & Communications

Trina Larsen - Engineering

Barbara Smith - Health & Social Services

Lori Pratt - Public Sector

Willow Smith - Media Professional

Mary-Lou Saccary - Public Sector

Kayla DeMars-Krentz - KDK Legal

Sharon Anderchek - Consultant

Zoe Gray - PowHERhouse Team, Social Media Designer

Carolyn Nesbitt - Health & Social Services

Allegra Nesbitt-Jerman - Community Leader

Brenda Morrison - Restorative Justice

Georgeanne Oldham - Leadershipmind Consulting

Stacey Marsh - Health & Social Services

Alison Byrne - Event Management

Keltie McKale - Health & Social Services, Event & Communications Director

Bobbi Frederick - Health & Social Services, Office Administrator

Nicole Cook - Chief Operating Officer, Nonprofit, Social Services

Beverly Crombie Bruggemann - Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Carey Dillen - President, YYOGA

PowHERhouse continuously aspires to become a global leader in community development and tangible social impact to re-imagine a sustainable take care economy by convening like-minded leaders to accelerate collective wisdom-based solution-finding using a collaborative model, all for systemic change. 

WHAT'S POSSIBLE 2020 - 2030?

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