What are you ready for?

We see you.
All of you

The powerful leader you are, and all you are here to become.

Can you see you?
We do.

What are you ready for?

You have been called to lead differently and people are beginning to notice.

Your strategies are changing.

When you say them to yourself, they seem so simple.

It’s common sense to you.

But when you explain what you know is possible,
to your team and maybe even to your colleagues,
you begin to wonder if you’re the only one who thinks this way.

Sister, you are not.

We see you.
We hear you.
We are with you.

We’ve all been called to lead in this new world we are in.
And somewhere inside, you feel this is true.
You may have even said this very thing, but only to people who get it.

We both know we are not going to answer the call by doing what we’ve always done.

What if life is meant to be more - more of an adventure?
What if we're getting ready for a deeper, richer, clearer and more meaningful way to lead?

If the world is expanding, so are you.
So can you.

Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

Are you ready to expand into your gifts and receive all that is here for you?

This is the beginning of Fire-Dancing.
Where we step out beyond belief.
Beyond the hustle, the grind.

Beyond what has become uncomfortably comfortable.

To be supported in every way.

We see you.
We see all of you.

Are you ready to dance with us?
Walking solidly and steadily to the beat of the drum inside you?

You can return to your whole-self and lead from there.
In fact it’s the only way this is going to work.
A new way for a new world.

There is a path,
But it’s not the path we’ve been on.
And we don’t walk it in the same way.
We dance.

We dance.

It feels weird and unfamiliar because having this much fun, enjoying this much ease, and being this supported while we’re leading is
beyond our belief.

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash
path (Large)

Beyond belief.
Because beyond belief is our way out of this mess.

If you’re feeling afraid, you are receiving a sign.
Fear indicates that expansion is right here.

Right here
on this path,
in this dance.

Sister, you don’t have to walk alone anymore.
We were born to walk this path together.

Mother, you aren’t the only person thinking this way.
Daughter, you are called to lead, and we see you.

What are you READY for?
All of this is for HER - Human Expansion Realized.

Come and dance to the beat of our drum.

What are you ready for?

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