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PowHERhouse programs deliver value at each stage of a leader’s path, aligning with their evolving needs to support them best where they’re currently at.

  • Our leader development programs were developed as a direct response to market needs.

  • A blended learning approach progressively advances leaders towards their world-class impact.

  • A high-level of relevancy and accountability remain constant through in-class discussions and regular feedback.



PowHERhouse builds leaders who create world-class impact.

We walk with you as you strengthen your capacity, recognize and celebrate your potential, and power-up your ability to lead at its highest calling.

"We believe everyone is a natural born leader."

We believe every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.

We are a national leadership accelerator platform founded in 2013 after more than a decade of solid market research, network building and proof of concept.

Over the past five years, we have built a platform to deliver on not only our mission of building strong leaders who are ready to lead at a higher level but also on what is needed most to help leaders AMPLIFY their impact.


PowHERhouse founder, Charlene SanJenko, was called to meet an obvious need she evidenced countless times in her work with leaders with foundational work beginning in 2000. Our capacity-building programs were built to address a specific need in the market that wasn’t being adequately addressed.

PowHERhouse progressive performance programming is designed to advance leaders down the field with clarity, capacity and confidence towards their world-class impact; creating deeply fulfilled players who crave to lead at a higher level of leadership; communicating clearly and concisely as they speak to who they are as leaders, what they’re up to in the world and why; and recognizing leaders who are demonstrating an elevated approach to leadership while championing the solutions most needed at this time to amplify their impact.

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