PowHERtalks Vancouver | Speakers List

Announcing our PowHERtalks Vancouver Speakers, January 30th.

PowHERtalks Theme for 2016:  Integration

PowHERtalks Speaker Series Honourary Co-Chairs:  Tracey McVicar and Jill Earthy

PowHERtalks Vancouver Event Host & MC:  Julia Chung

Opening Ceremony & Opening Remarks by Honourary Guest:  Laura Grizzlypaws

Jacqueline Way365give Founder (social change agent)
Aileen McManamon5T Sports, Business + Branding Strategist – business
Loretta Cella – Leaders for Humanity (social change agent)
Angela ThurstonErotic By Nature (sensual aliveness)

Tanis Frame Play Evangelist 
Steely SpringhamInspirational Conversationlist & Confidence Coach
Sherry StrongFood Philosopher
Jo Dibblee – Author, Speaker & Event Producer, A Frock-alicious Life

Heather White Life Designer.  Business Adviser.  Speaker.business
Victoria Maxwell – Mental Health Speaker & Bipolar Princess, CEO of Crazy for Life Co.
Angie BarnardBusiness Aggregator, Brand-Builder, Place-Maker, Mastering Your ASK!
Christina Benty – Former Politician, Municipal Government Advisor, Great Leaders Lead Their Own Lives First!

Jamie Munro – Videographer, Impactful Storyteller business
Maggi WooPhotographer, Women’s Portraiture, Showing UP – in your photographs & in your life!
Rosemarie Barnes –  Confident Stages, Presentation & Vocal Coach, Inspirational Speaker – business
Christina Stewart Building Strong Teams business

Kare Jacoba – Entrepreneur & Business Owner, LeadQuest Inc., Never Justify Reasonable Behavior
Gina Best Award-Winning Mortgage Broker, Coach and Speaker,  There’s More To Life Than ‘Busy’

*This speakers’ list will be confirmed December 7th once all speakers have confirmed acceptance of their invitation to speak.

Thank you very much to all who applied to speak.  We want to encourage you to please re-apply for Victoria, May 2016, when we re-open our application process in January.  We encourage you to please come and experience PowHERtalks, especially if you haven’t yet.  It’s about building momentum, support and connections.  Tickets here.

Regardless of if you will be on stage or not on January 30th, we challenge YOU to undertake the PowHERtalks process over the next two months.

Let’s kick 2016 off, PowHERfully!

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