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According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, female leadership isn’t strong in Canada.

Why is that? At  PowHERhouse, we’re asking the question, and we’re taking action to do something about it.  Our PowHERtalks speaker series will gather 1,000+ women in six communities (plus a strong online component) to find their voice and make an impact.

  • Of the 47% of women who make up Canada’s workforce, only 3% are CEO’s.
  • Less than 16% of women are in executive board seats.
  • 40% of companies have no women at all on their boards.
  • Only 16% of Canada’s small to medium-size enterprises are owned by women.
  • 46% of women (almost half!) feel that women are portrayed in stereotypical ways and do not believe they have adequate business skills.

So what is it that women need in order to move forward in their business and lives?  We believe that it boils down to three things:

  • Confidence
  • Connections
  • Capital

It’s easy to see that women are being challenged or blocked by their lack of confidence, connections and capital, but not quite so easy to address.  Where do we begin?  With slow and steady babysteps, creating a process to break the cycle and build women’s strength (literally), both internally and externally.

PowHERtalks is the process we are using to take action.  Much like committing to a 5 k or 10 k run, we are setting a goal and providing a pathway that allows women to ‘train’ for it.  Our focus is not only on the high-calibre lifestyle + leadership events themselves running October 2015 through May 2016, but also to create a simple framework that provides tools, support, mentoring, motivation and inspiration – all needed in order to develop a powHERful talk.


Sharing Your Mission with Clarity

Many women ‘dance around’ what it is that they do.  Clarity is the first important step to achieving your Mission, and we’re going to help you access it.

  • What is it all about for you?
  • What is the impact you are looking to make?
  • What is the legacy that you want to be remembered for in this lifetime?

Once clarity is found in your words, the next important step is finding your voice.  Owning it.

Finding your voice includes your tone, articulation, diction, pitch and projection.  It is the ability to inflect your energy and passion into what you say and convey it authentically.

This ability begins (and ends) with your body and your breath.  Your body is your vehicle to communicate, we and want to help connect you with it in a whole new way.


Portraying a Concise Message with Confidence


‘It’s not about the content of the speech, it’s about presence… People are bringing their TRUE SELVES.” ~ Amy Cuddy

93% of our communication is non-verbal (55% body language, 38% tone of voice).

We’ve learned to ‘dress for success’ but have we learned to master our ‘Power Stance’?  Have we learned to harness courage from way down deep in our core?  Do we know how to ground ourselves, starting are our base and connecting up from there, projecting confidence through our posture and and absolutely ‘owning it’ without saying anything at all?

Learning to align and engage the strength of our entire selves, our whole beings, everything single inch and ounce of ourselves – all of us, including incredible our physical bodies is the pathway (our “powHERpath”) to harness our greatest power and optimum performance.

Evolving the role that we allow fitness to play in our lives as women is the key to moving us and our missions forward, collectively.


Providing a Clear Ask

In order to put some muscle behind your mission, you must ask for it.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

The challenge is, most women are afraid to ask.  Whether it’s asking for help, capital, referrals, mentoring, introductions or someone’s business… it’s easy to choke.  I know, I’ve done it.  I don’t believe that asking ever gets easy, but here are three lessons that I’ve learned to make it easier:

  1. Practice, practice, practice!  And, practice.  Know what you want, and create a win-win situation for both parties.
  2. Read biographies of those you admire.  It’s comforting to learn of their failure upon failure until finally they began to win.  Persistence pays off.
  3. Understand that it’s a numbers game.  The more pop flies you hit out there, the better chance you have of achieving a home run.

We want to encourage you to speak up.  The way forward for Canadian women – and our friends worldwide – is to remember our own true greatness, to step into our confidence with clarity and concisely communicate what we need in order to move our missions forward, powHERfully!


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