PowHERtalks Calgary | Lisa Witherley, Rosebud Photography

PowHERhouse is pleased to announce our Event Photographer for PowHERtalks Calgary on October 2nd, Lisa Witherley.

lisa-wLisa Witherley is the Owner/Photographer of Rosebud Photography.  This was a dream in the making for many years.  Like so many other women, Lisa worked a full-time office job until she became a mother almost 5 years ago.  The career that she worked so hard to maintain just did not fit her family’s lifestyle any longer, and with the support of her husband, Lisa started to take photography classes through NYIP and Creative Live.  She not only found herself along the way but also deepened her passion of photography and portraiture.

From family to glamour to pet portraits, Lisa takes pride in providing her clients with the memories that will live on for generations to come.

Learn more about Lisa and her work here.

PowHERtalks Calgary, October 2nd event info and tickets here.

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